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August 22 2017


August 21 2017

Bulk SMS Marketing service helps a brand to grow and connect with a large number of audiences in a easy way. To know how read this full blog

The Hidden Agenda of Bulk SMS Marketing: Unearthing top secrets to success

The entire landscape of SMS marketing is changing. The mode of message today needs to be distinctively written and sent in order to ensure that you reach up to the targeted customer in a timely manner

Bulk SMS marketing is slowly but gradually gaining wide spread popularity around the world, and no doubt it has its unrivaled set of unique advantages. There are a number of benefits for which bulk SMS marketing will scale up and reach new milestones of success. With this brief blog, we cover some of the top secrets of SMS marketing and how they need to be done properly in order to yield maximum benefits. Read on!

Targeted, pinpointed marketing

A research suggests companies that offer bulk SMS marketing always achieve desired results if it sends SMS to targeted, pinpointed group of audiences. This is because if you send SMS to non-customers thinking they might convert into customers one day, you might be mistaken since these customers would never open your SMS, let alone reading them. So, one of the top secrets that make SMS marketing a success is to send targeted, pinpointed SMS to defined set of audience who want to listen from you.

Provide your customers to unsubscribe

It is a good idea to build a loyal base of active followers and ensure that you are honoring their preferences and not just spamming them. This also improves your credibility and makes sure that your audiences respect your brand, and they recommend you to others, the most important benefit in doing so is that you can achieve a sustained footing as a trusted company.

It is all about software

A good bulk SMS software can drastically help you attain a range of tasks. If you choose a wrong software; you might end up investing money and effort on a service that does not yield you value. That's why you should almost always choose a good software for sending bulk SMS that works. The software should be featured with a range of standalone benefits which help you define your needs and most importantly cater to your budgetary and personalized needs.

Choose a clear call to action

That is the hardest part in selling a service. When it comes to sending SMS messages, you should write clear call to action. The messages need to convey the right thing to the right audience in a right manner; without having to develop any sort of confusion.

Other important things when it comes to bulk SMS marketing services -

Always put your most important message and offer at the top. This is natural phenomenon. The more simple, easy and direct message you compose in the beginning; better are your chances to easily integrate useful marketing messages and send the message to defined set of audiences.

To learn more about how to compose and send targeted message to your audiences using simpler system and processes; please click the website.

August 19 2017


How to Use SMS Marketing Service - Winning Philosophy for Marketers

How do you design and develop standalone SMS marketing campaign ? It depends on certain factors; such as understanding your audience base, knowing how to segment your audiences and most importantly connect and collaborate with your audiences in real time without affecting your process.

Most people think that SMS offers a simplified way to connect and communicate with others; which is a good judgment, but do you know SMS are simply more than just announcements and confirmations? There are companies; which take the help of SMS to boost conversion rate , foster customer engagement, and build life-long customer relationship.

Leverage on SMS as your benchmark for covering all the bases

Anyone who has a cell phone can receive SMS. So, you can cluster your base of audiences holistically; and then send them the targeted, pinpointed marketing messages to convert them or even if they are not going to be customers now; you can always keep them in the loop; thereby expanding your business and keeping on the possibilities of prospects for the future.

Use SMS to pinpoint which of your audiences are still engaged with your business

Let us explain the point. By sending personalized SMS messages to your audiences; which include prospects and customers - you can easily boost your sales. You can also understand who your active audiences are and who are reading your messages. This actually helps a long way ahead - helping and assisting you plan and prioritize your audiences, clusters of marketing messages and most importantly delivering pinpointed, targeted messages on time. So, this means you can understand who are still active with your brand and who wants to be your loyal customers.

Use SMS to reward your customers

You can use SMS to actively promote your products and services; while doing so reward your most loyal followers. The habit of sending rewards to your dedicated base of active audiences improves the overall conversion rate

Integrate your SMS with your email campaign

Including URLs increase the chances of improving sales. You can also improve the overall customer base of your audiences by adding SMS into your email and e commerce sales; you can improve the overall track of customers

These are just some of the ways a company can promote its brand using SMS.

Here is the gist of what you - as a brand - can do to leverage on SMS and thereby connect with your audiences and collaborate with them.

  • Use SMS to determine engagement with your audiences, to tell customers about your brand and reward your supporters
  • Integrate SMS with your message to clearly and cleverly connect and collaborate with your audiences,
  • Use SMS as base for your survey
  • SMS data can assist you tailor-design and compose your idea
  • Get feedback about what your customers are talking about you and thus promote your branding.

To know more about preparing and sending personalized, pinpointed SMS to your targeted audience in a holistic manner; please click the website www.broadnet.me .

August 18 2017


How Bulk SMS service can grow Hotel business

Bulk SMS can help a brand grow by helping the brand connect with a large number of audiences in real time and using simple, very logical messages. This blog briefly covers the key ways SMS can help a hotel business grow.

The entire effort of a hotel company should be concentrated on not just offering but exceeding the clients' expectation in surprising ways so that they believe their investments are fruitful. With the help of bulk SMS, you can -

  • Collaborate with your audience in real-time
  • Connect with them timely
  • Communicate them your achievements and offers thereby letting them feel special
  • And a lot more ways!

Read more as to how bulk SMS can help a hotel business grow. Should you have any query or comment about improving the article with personalized ideas; feel free to comment.

How bulk SMS can help hotel businesses grow? Well, that is in fact a very relevant question and very important to understand given the milieu of today's evolving marketing dynamics where communication strategies are playing a pivotal role in channelizing the marketing efforts of companies. Bulk SMS can be as effective for hotel businesses as it is for any other sector.

Learn how

By using bulk SMS as one of the most important ingredients of your communication strategy; you can send reminders to your customers such as online booking confirmation, arrival times and locations, deliver complete details about booking etc.

SMS marketing can help people think that you are honoring them and that by letting them know of the latest offers, and discounts; you want them to keep in the know of the latest events and happenings. This increases the number of your loyal customers and since you count them, they purchase your services and recommend you to others.

You can also Send text messages to your customer use SMS marketing technique to promote an event. If an ongoing event is to represent your brand; you can let your customers know of it through SMS thereby making their presence felt as if they are really important part of your company.

You can even use bulk SMS marketing strategy to offer discounts and loyalty bonuses to your repeat customers. These offers greatly improve the chances of increased visits to the store.

Compared to online booking system, if you help your customers book your hotel using text messages; they find it easier and convenient. Therefore; you can increase their footfalls and make sure that their number keep on rising.

You can even use SMS to conduct pinpointed surveys. The surveys will help you garner facts about how you are doing, which are the areas that require improvement, and how your services can better represent your company.

These are just some of the ways hotel businesses can grow using SMS marketing. Bulk SMS marketing can help a business connect and collaborate with their target audiences in real-time. To learn more about SMS marketing, newer ways to grow your business using SMS, please click the website : www.broadnet.me

August 16 2017


August 14 2017


How Retailers Can Use Bulk SMS Service - 5 Things You Need To Know About

Summary of the key benefits of text messages for a retailer

  • Texting makes your business become more personal
  • Texting helps you reach above the competition
  • Texting helps you become more convenient
  • Texting helps you convey your marketing message in user friendly way
  • Texting helps you adopt mobile marketing strategy

Learn more coverage about how SMS marketing can improve the overall brand value of a retailer.

Did you know SMS has a whopping 98% open rate compared to a mere 22% of emails? Text messages have had a lot of impressive effect on the reader compared to its rival mode of communication.

SMS can easily help convey a marketing message. Given the awesome advantages SMS marketing has, it needs no introduction why so many brands are integrating SMS marketing into their marketing campaign

This article briefly describes some of the key ways SMS can help retail businesses.

Text messages with special offers

It has always been proven to yield higher benefits. A retailer can send text messages to their audiences with special offers. This helps your products and services sell quickly since people keep in the know of the latest offers and spread the message. It keeps people updated about the latest events and offers. Moreover; sending text messages to audiences help in the development of a loyal base of audience since they value that you value them.

Purchase and delivery notification

Send text messages to your customer when they just finished a purchase. The message should contain details of the products purchased, and follow up the message with details of the deliverables.

Offer customers with new offerings

If you need to avail more targeted customers to your store, just let them know of new offers. The immediate impulse buying attitude helps derive new customers in a timely basis.

SMS Survey

After a customer makes a purchase, send them questions regarding their experiences on your store. This helps them know you value their opinions and moreover; you can yield better, pinpointed feedback from them so that you can improve your store

SMS Loyalty Programs

To honor the sales, and keep loyal customers loyal, you can even offer them with loyalty bonus, which entail them with exclusive offers and discounts. This helps improve the overall shopping experience and increases the chance of repeat buying.

As mentioned above, SMS marketing can help in the popularization of a store. It helps you become mobile; which every brand is becoming these days. The more mobile friendly you become better value your business can garner.

These are some of the unique ways a retailer can help his or her business improve and revenue increase. A good SMS text message necessarily increases the chance of improving the marketing of a message. To learn more about how pinpointed, targeted message can help your brand convey targeted, useful marketing messages to your audience using holistic and simple marketing ideas and message, please feel free to click the www.broadnet.me .

August 05 2017


Five Things Nobody Told You about SMS Gateway

 five things nobody told you about sms gateway

Low cost - low network quality

A few SMS Gateway providers might offer you extremely low price per SMS message. While the low price is a good welcoming factor, did you ever ask yourself why the price is so low and hard to believe? Among many other reasons, one important reason is the low network quality of such service providers.

Low cost - low network quality

They might compensate the low cost in the form of offering you network quality that is extremely unpredictable. So, do not fall prey to the low cost SMS bait. Rather, use your own mind, and choose a professional service provider for SMS gateway that does not cost you more than your budget but also does not compromise with the network quality.

Never miss the freebies

Never miss the freebies

If you are a new user or in other words, if you are signing up for their services, ask which freebie are they offering? Many SMS providers offer a small or defined amount or volume of free SMS messages to new users. They do it to allow the new user test the network quality, format of service, speed of message etc., to name a few. Always make sure that you avail the free service as long as it is available to test the service before opting for the final plan or recommending someone a plan.

Transmission of message

Transmission of message

Did you know along with many awesome benefits, another reason companies choose to opt for SMS gateway providers is that they eliminate or at least reduce the chances of loss of messages in the message transmission process. If a specific number has DO not Disturb tag enabled, SMS gateway providers will return to the sender with an invalid tag. The messages can be sent in parameters such as priority and non-priority

Best over rivals technologies

Best over rivals technologies

SMS gateways offer better control and features over other means of communication regulatory. Take the example of SMS over fax. Fax machines are not portable but SMS gateway reduces the need for its machines or technology to be portable. Often an office has only one fax machine to serve an entire office whereas the SMS gateway service providers automate everything and send real-time SMS pinpointed to details directly into the hand-held devices of users.

Faxes are again not personal since anyone can see it; whereas SMS are totally personal, unless the user who is deemed to use it allows not to be so. Sending SMS takes less time vs. typing and sending a fax. So, the format of SMS is always cool and much better than its rival communication technology. SMS gateways simplify the overall structure of SMS sending and turn the entire system cooler.

Minimum purchase requirements

Minimum purchase requirements

Some SMS gateway service providers have minimum purchase requirements. If you are not sure about how many SMS would you need to send, it is better to opt for a plan with no minimum requirement. After purchasing, once you think your subscriber base is expanding, you can upgrade the plan. Generally, for most of the SMS gateway service providers, they would not have such requirement compared to SMS service by mobile network providers. Always be defined about your needs. Let us take an example. If you are sending SMS to network monitors for server alerts; which you only need to send rarely; it is always a good idea to choose a plan without any limit.

August 03 2017


How to integrate SMS API in iPhone?

 how to integrate sms api in iphone?

With the help of an SMS API (Application Programming Interface) the functions of a computer program (such as the bulk SMS) can be made available to another computer program (such as the notification component of a ticket booking site).

SMS API Integration is the means to integrate SMS services on your panels such as website, software, and CRM etc. SMS API Integration is thought to be the simplest way to send automated SMS directly from your defined process

APIs are automated

  • APIs automate the entire way a system works, thereby reducing the errors
  • APIs can help send manual customized SMS
  • Integrating APIs is simple. Just visit any SMS gateway integration service provider, and copy and paste the code generated to start integrating the API

How to choose a good SMS API service provider

Make sure to compare, choose and opt from the available sources to finally choose a SMS gateway service provider that has all these features -

  • User friendly SMS API admin panel
  • Easy to copy and paste code
  • Custom SMS integration facilities
  • Reduced use of software
  • SMS contact details
  • Uploading of file facility
  • SMS scheduling
  • Sub domain feature
  • Support services

API Integration

API integration in iPhone is almost like we mentioned earlier - when we discussed earlier ASP.NET

How to do it?

Visit the website of an SMS API integration service provider such as BroadNet and then visit the coding page; where you can easily copy the defined codes to easily integrate into your website.

Here’s a typical example of iOS phone sample for SMS code

//IOS SMS API integration code

    //Create Objects
    NSMutableData * responseData;
    NSURLConnection * connection;

     // In your viewDidLoad method add this lines
        [super viewDidLoad];
          //Your application url
        NSString * ApiUrl = @"ApiUrl";
        //Multiple mobiles numbers separated by comma

        NSString * user = @"uname";        
        NSString * pass = @"******";
        NSString * mobiles = @"9999999";
        //Sender ID,While using route4 sender id should be 6 characters long.
        NSString * sid = @"102234";
        //Your message to send, Add URL encoding here.
        NSString * message = @"Test message";

         // Prepare your url to send sms with this parameters.
        NSString * url = [[NSString stringWithFormat:@"https://broadnet.me/api/xxxxx.php?user=%@&pass=%@&mobiles=%@&message=%@&sid=%@", ; user, pass, mobiles, message, sid] stringByAddingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];
        NSURLRequest * request = [NSURLRequest  requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:url]];
        connection = [[NSURLConnection alloc] initWithRequest:request delegate:self];

    // implement URLConnection Delegate Methods as follow
    -(void) connection:(NSURLConnection *)connection didReceiveResponse:(NSURLResponse *)response
             //Get response data
        responseData = [NSMutableData data];

    -(void) connection:(NSURLConnection *)connection didReceiveData:(NSData *)data
        [responseData appendData:data];

    -(void) connection:(NSURLConnection *)connection didFailWithError:(NSError *)error
        UIAlertView *alert = [[UIAlertView alloc] initWithTitle:@"Error"message:error.localizedDescription delegate:self cancelButtonTitle:nil otherButtonTitles:@"OK", nil];
        [alert show];

    -(void) connectionDidFinishLoading:(NSURLConnection *)connection
         // Get response data in NSString.
        NSString * responceStr = [[NSString alloc] initWithData:responseData encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];

With BroadNet’s simplistic and value oriented SMS integration feature, you can easily maintain and manage your website.

August 02 2017


How to integrate SMS API in Python?

How to integrate sms api in python

When it comes to developing an API and then necessarily to channelize it across platforms, you want the trust and simplicity of a trusted platform where you can easily get the codes from, and then use the codes in order to integrate it with your server.

SMS API helps in a number of ways. It streamlines the productivity of an application, helps send bulk SMS to targeted customers, uncomplicated the entire process of communication, eases the order and bulk system. An SMS API acts as a gateway of sending and receiving SMS thereby simplifying the entire method of communication.

In order to integrate SMS API in Python?

There are ranges of ways you can easily integrate SMS API in Python. Before using any SMS gateway, you need to focus on a few important things. Just ensure to visit a trusted and popular API and SMS gateway service provider.

API and sms gateway service provider

Python is a sophisticated, universal, powerful programming language. The easy and simple syntax make Python a great language easy to experiment. It is simple and easy to integrate an API in Python. As we mentioned earlier, before integrating an API, there are a few important things that you need to know; some of which include -

  • Visiting the website of a good SMS API service provider
  • Copy the codes of integration
  • Paste the code on your server
  • Test the results and thereby based on result, integrate the codes
  • BroadNet is one of the trusted SMS gateway service providers.

You just need to copy the following code and paste it on the server before testing

class  SmsAPI(object):

         # <summary>

         # Specify complete Url of SMS gateway

         # </summary>

        def get_ApiUrl( self ):

        def set_ApiUrl( self, value ):

        ApiUrl = property( fget=get_ApiUrl, fset=set_ApiUrl )

         # <summary>

         # User name supplied by provider

         # </summary>

        def get_user( self ):

                       def set_user( self, value ):

                       user = property( fget=get_user, fset=set_user )

         # <summary>

         # Password supplied by provider

         # </summary>   

        def get_pass( self ):

                       def set_pass( self, value ):

                       pass = property( fget=get_pass, fset=set_pass )


         # <summary>

         # SID supplied by provider

         # </summary>   

        def get_sid( self ):

                        def set_sid( self, value ):

                        sid = property( fget=get_sid, fset=set_sid )

                        def __init__( self, ApiUrl, user, pass, sid ):

                                             self .ApiUrl = ApiUrl

                                             self .user = user

                                             self .pass = pass

                                             self .sid = sid

                        def __init__( self, ApiUrl, user, pass, sid ):

                                             self .ApiUrl = ApiUrl

                                             self .user = user

                                             self .pass = pass

                                             self .sid = sid

          def SendSMS( self, Recipient, MessageData ):

                                            if  self .ApiUrl.Trim() == "" or  self .user.Trim() == "" or  self .pass.Trim() == "" or  self .sid.Trim() == "":

                                                             raise Exception("All Properties were required")

                                             #Status = SMS(User, SURL, SPort, Passw, number, MessageData, MessageType); //Sending SMS

                                             #string createdURL = "" + ":" + "8080" + "/websmpp/websms" +

                                             #"?user=" + "SPDDLC" +

                                             #"&pass=" + "s@KJ8QH9" +

                                             #"&sid=" + "SPDDLC" +

                                             #"&mno=" + Recipient +

                    #"&text=" + MessageData +

                                             #"&type=" + "1" +

                                             #"&esm=" + "0" +

                                             #"&dcs=" + "0";

                                             # MessageBox.Show(createdURL);

                                            createdURL = self.ApiUrl + "?user=" + self.user + "&pass=" + self.pass + "&sid=" + self.sid + "&mno=" + Recipient + "&text=" + MessageData + "&type=" + "1" + "&esm=" + "0" + "&dcs=" + "0"


                                                             myReq = WebRequest.Create(createdURL)


                                                              # Get response from SMS Gateway Server and read the answer

                                                             myResp = myReq.GetResponse()

                                                              # MessageBox.Show("21");

                                                             respStreamReader = System.IO.StreamReader(myResp.GetResponseStream())

                                                              # MessageBox.Show("22");

                                                             responseString = respStreamReader.ReadToEnd()

                                                              #  MessageBox.Show("2");



                                          except   Exception , ex:

                                                             raise ex


                                          return  "success"

This is the simplest and quickest way to easily integrate the API.

July 24 2017


How to integrate SMS API in Android

Android app development has always been known for its key benefits; some of which necessarily include low investment and high ROI, open source, easy to integrate, multiple sales channels, easy and simplified user interface etc.

How to integrate sms api in android

Now, with the help of an API - short for application programming interface - designing a custom, user-friendly and pinpointed application that works on the android operating system devised by Google is very easy. An API uncomplicates the entire process of app designing and it reduces time to market and development of a product.

API service providers and sms services

API service providers and SMS services

With the help of an API - from trusted and professional service providers, you can easily streamline the operational tasks and make new products live. An SMS API can be used to send SMS in bulk and using a sophisticated and simpler interface. The entire task of adding an SMS API and integrating such an API on android is simple. Let us tell you how to -

Just visit the website of a professional SMS API and SMS gateway provider

Visit the section where they have the codes listed - which you can copy and paste to integrate on your server for automating a defined tasks - such as sending bulk SMS

Now, test the result and if you find that the integration has been easy and done; you can then customize the coding and value for more enhanced result.

BroadNet is one of the most respected and well known SMS gateway provider which offer you a range of APIs which you can readily use and integrate on your platform.

Here is an example code of the SMS API for android integration

Android Phone example code

The following example of Android Phone sample SMS code employs user-friendly object, with a basis on the HTTP API.

//Android SMS API integration code

//Your application url  Provided By Broadnet

String ApiUrl = "YourAuthKey"; 

//Your User Id Provided By Broadnet

String user = "user"; 

//Your password Provided By Broadnet

String pass = "*****"; 

//Multiple mobiles numbers separated by comma

String mobiles = "9999999";

//Sender ID,While using route4 sender id should be 6 characters long.

String sid = "102234";

//Your message to send, Add URL encoding here.

String message = "Test message";  

URLConnection myURLConnection=null;

URL myURL=null;

BufferedReader reader=null; 

//encoding message

String encoded_message=URLEncoder.encode(message);

//Prepare parameter string

StringBuilder sbPostData= new StringBuilder(ApiUrl);






//final string

mainUrl = sbPostData.toString();



    //prepare connection

    myURL = new URL(mainUrl);

    myURLConnection = myURL.openConnection();


    reader= new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(myURLConnection.getInputStream()));   

    //reading response

    String response;

    while ((response = reader.readLine()) != null)

    //print response

    Log.d("RESPONSE", ""+response);   

    //finally close connection



catch (IOException e)



BroadNet offers a portfolio of APIs for any of your uses. The improved and simplified use of APIs can help you in the easy integration of services.

To learn more about the SMS integration services using BroadNet; please visit the website of BroadNet

July 19 2017


How to integrate SMS API in Php

How to integrate sms api in php

In the earlier article, a beginner's guide to SMS API code , we discussed the importance, benefits, and standalone functions and pinpointed features of SMS API codes. With this article, we take the discussion further and cover SMS integration using API in a specific system - PHP.


If API offers a launch pad (program) by providing all the building blocks, programmers put the building blocks together - offering an enhanced flow of integrated setup, sophisticatedly developed interface that help solve the purpose of uncomplicating communication.

API is a comprehensive set of routines, protocols, and tools, which help build software applications. An API specifies and develops defined set up how software programs should interact with each other.

Function of SMS APIs in PHP

Generating specialized APIs for SMS or chat applications has never been a challenge with the easy availability of so many sources; from where you can easily integrate the code into your system to define and manage a specialized purpose. When the PHP API is integrated into your system, it will allow for the easy delivery of SMS messages to be sent from your application. Among the many things that SMS APIs do, some of the core functions necessarily are -

 function of sms apis in php

  • Send SMS notifications automatically when an enquiry is done in an online directory
  • Notify clients via SMS about the progress or development of a product/service
  • Send automated SMS messages directly from your own standalone software

How to integrate SMS API in PHP?

Integrating SMS API in PHP is functionally not a tough task. All you need is to choose your API from a trusted source. And after that follow the procedures to holistically choose from the listed source and then integrate them into your bespoke software system to start using the service. One case in example is to send automated bulk SMS from the server and networked system set up of an online booking service provider.

Integrating SMS API in PHP using BroadNet

One of the trusted sources to easily and systematically receive SMS API in PHP is to use BroadNet. As a user to start getting the API, you simply need to visit source pages such as this. or this and click on the PHP code to receive the example code.

After getting the code and saving them, you simply need to use them. Simply integrate the code into your system and then decide which functions to prefer and set up; based on your standalone needs.

BroadNet offers a portfolio of SMS gateway platform for helping SMS chat application companies with SMS gateway system and enhanced and improved SMS gateway for sending text messages to hundreds of mobile networks.

The simplistic coding system backed by BroadNet's expertise uncomplicate the entire process of managing communication on SMS chat application.

July 17 2017


How to integrate SMS API in Dot Net?

How to integrate sms api in dot net

In our previous article coverages, we explained what is API, what they do, how important they are etc, and how to integrate SMS API in PHP. With this article, we will talk about How to integrate SMS API in another popular application - ASP.NET

Before we begin, let us recap some crucial definition to better grasp the entire topic. An SMS gateway allows a computer to either send or receive to and from a telecommunication network. And, an API is the collection of standalone routines, protocols, and tools for building and managing software applications; which help in the processing attribute.

An example of an API in action is the SMS chat application APIs. They oftentimes need to send specialized notifications and alerts to their users in order to keep them updated with offers, genuine notifications. To send volumes of such SMS in an interactive systematic manner; SMS APIs help.

When it comes to integrating the APIs, you can count on a number of sources that offer easy integration of SMS API services , and lets you access and download the specialized codes; such as example codes.

BroadNet’s improved sms gateway

How to integrate SMS API in ASP.NET

Rather than opting for the easily available source APIs, if you are in the need of some genuine assistance; and want to uncomplicate the entire system using a trusted and simplistic SMS API, you can simply start use a professional SMS API and SMS gateway service provider such as BroadNet

BroadNet’s improved SMS gateway

BroadNet has so far been counted as a very well-known service provider across industries and clients for they have found it a reliable and very sophisticated and channelized gateway that have helped a number of very respected companies; who need to tune up with the latest trends by connecting and collaborating with their audiences sending specialized SMS


The first step to integrate SMS API in Dot Net is to go to the BroadNet’s website, visit the developer’s tool section and check out the specialized section from where you want the API code to be downloaded and then used in your own standalone and bespoke software so that it can start sending messages as part of promotional campaign or as part of an ongoing or just literally any other purpose marketing.

Using BroadNet’s specialized and systematic SMS API which need to be integrated in your system so that they can start functioning is simple, extremely uncomplicated and easy to use. Should you want to learn more about the features, and download the code; please visit the website and ask for the difference!

July 15 2017


A Beginners Guide to SMS API CODE

The entire world of communication is thoughtfully connected today - one device with the other at a time; and no it is not just IoT and machine learning that deserve all the credit. The new age technologies and tools that connect, collaborate and co exist with each other actually entirely depend on the launch pad developed by the technologies introduced earlier to them.

broadnet_A beginners guide to sms api code

Come API

Think all the awesomeness an API does! Short for Application Programming Interface; an API is a means by which specialized and pinpointed functions and pre-formatted commands of a computer program can be easily integrated or made available to a new program.

An example - A bulk SMS service can be a function of a computer program. When it is made available to another computer program such as the notification component of an online ticket-booking website; it is an API integrated with the other component.

broadnet_Increased efficiency

There are many - literally many - awesome benefits associated with APIs. Here are some

Increased efficiency

Providing quick and authority-oriented API access allows for the content to be developed once and automatically published or made accessible across channels.

Improved reach

By allowing to design and develop an entirely standalone presentation layer—such as a website, or a widget—APIs can be used to evenly distribute matters of content, solutions and gist to new audiences and in specific contexts that which can be tailor made to cater to evolving audiences.


APIs reduces human errors, improve productivity and enhance the flow of work across pinpointed channels and genres by allowing machines to handle the workload.


APIs have been proven beneficial to allow your content to be more easily embedded or interwoven across applications thereby making better user experience.

Other than these, APIs quickly process a function, brings personalization, and makes products and services future-ready.


SMS API integration is the means through which SMS services can be integrated across channels such as website, software, CRM etc. SMS integration is the most popular, simpler way to send and deliver automated SMS directly from any platform. Almost all eCommerce service providers have SMS API integrated. It can serve a lot of purposes.

broadnet_What does an sms api does

What does an SMS API does?

In order to understand the functions of an SMS API, we need to know what it is being used for. It is used for sending SMS. That is it. But in a deeper level, APIs are used for bulk tasks such as for sending bulk SMS. An e commerce company can integrate an SMS API to its website for

Sending promotional emails, verifying the OTP, sending transaction alert, issuing order, and many other tasks. So, the functions of an API are vast. Choosing a good SMS API service provider is very crucial in bringing uniformity in sending SMS and achieving the desired targets.

Should you wanted to learn more facts about choosing a good service provider on SMS; you can visit BroadNet

June 26 2017


How SMS verification API to Prevent Spam should work ?

An SMS verification system is extremely helpful to combat spam and fraud account creation. In a competitive marketing ecosystem and a world populated with changing interests of target audience, what marketers need to do is to discover the right audience at right time using the right approach and develop as many security layers as possible to holistically target standalone variety of geo-targeted audience. If you, as a marketer, want to make your database spam free a great way to do so is to Integrate SMS verification API

Need for SMS verification


Phone verification prevents bulk account development and eradicates spam more easily than captcha or social logins.

Improved user experience

Reduces the need to share personal facts and helps users access nearly a frictionless registration experience for handheld device users.


Every user with a phone has a unique identifier. By capitalizing on the unique info and device specific targeting strategy, marketers can maximize their revenue.

How sms verification api to prevent spam should work

The above-mentioned points justify the necessity of having an SMS verification API . Most importantly, an SMS verification API rightfully integrates the basic modalities into an existing application without having its security to be compromised.

When an SMS verification API is integrated, the two most usually actionable activities can be thoroughly checked - stopping the creation of fraud accounts from a single phone and the sending of spam messages.

What if an SMS verification system API is not integrated?

Social login, captcha and other means to combat spam and duplicate account creation and other aligned factors can be useful; but they need more powers and at some point; they need to be updated which they can't. That is when you need the help of an API that can seamlessly integrate into an application to start working and reduce the clutter while most of the functionalities of the application remain unique. An SMS verification API works wonders if it is integrated; it constantly changes itself and its database can therefore be updated thus spam and other risky account activities can be checked in real-time.

How should an SMS verification API work?

  • The user enters his or her phone number

    As a cardinal part of the registration process, the app should ask the user to enter or furnish his or her phone number.

  • The API should send a code

    The API should then send a text message populated with authentication code to the number. If needed such as if the user uses a landline phone or she/he prefers to receive the code via phone call - then she/he should get a call to verify the code.

  • The user enters the authentication code

    The user upon receiving the message enters the authentication code in the installer screen.

  • App code verification

    When the API verifies that the user has entered the correct code, then the application installation should continue. If the code is wrong, a user should be promoted to re-enter the code.

If the code is wrong, a user should be promoted to re-enter the code. If the correct code is not entered after maximum number of tries, the app installation process automatically cancels itself.

By the way, if you are looking for a very high-quality API that can help you thwart the incoming of Spam messages to your inbox with other several amazing benefits, BroadNet’s API is the answer for you.

June 23 2017


Top 5 Reasons Why SMS is Better than Push Notifications

Both SMS and push notifications are the greatest forms of audience-centric, performance-driven and strategically pinpointed when it comes to marketing something. Push notifications are relatively younger than their communication counterpart SMS, but are evolving rapidly to become a successful and highly popular means of reaching out to target audience in real-time to convey a meaningful message and ensure a greater marketing reach.

Top advantages push notifications enjoy over SMS are as follows:

  • It has a better one-click subscription
  • It has a higher click through rate
  • Better Cross-platform delivery
  • Quicker message composition
  • Great audience engagement etc, among others.

But when we compare Push Notifications to SMS, there are a few things where the latter scores relatively better than the former; and thus question the super ability of push notifications as the number of marketing channel. In fact, it steals the credit and proves itself the deserving one. This article briefly points out the top reasons why SMS is better than push notifications.

Top 5 reasons why sms is better than push notifications

Points in Favour of SMS against Push Notifications:

East to set up -

It requires a little effort and investment to set up SMS system; whereas when it comes to setting up push notification, the entire process is detailed and requires expert technical understanding.

Affordable to begin, manage and maintain -

SMS setup is affordable against the costly set up and maintenance of push notifications.

Greater audience engagement in real life -

When it comes to audience engagement and targeting geo specific and pinpointed segments of core audiences, push notifications does not deliver core result. It is because it needs to have permission to get installed on Smart-phones whereas SMS can be sent to anyone on any mobile device.

Device independent ability -

SMS can be sent to literally any mobile device - a Tablet, a Keypad mobile phone, or a Smartphone whereas for push notifications, first a mobile device needs to be a Smartphone with internet connectivity. Then, it should get permission to get installed.

Reach more people -

Evidently; when you reach out to more people’s phone, you make the most of greater social engagement, connect, collaborate and get ideas to communicate with them in real-time.

Personalized messages -

When it comes to SMS, you can freely apply personalized messages in order to smartly. It can spark the interest of target audience. However, in push notifications, you have to be defined and cannot necessarily change the name of the sender.

These are some of the most decisive factors that make SMS perhaps better than push notifications or any other forms of communication.

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June 22 2017


How to use SMS Marketing from BroadNet to Promote Live Events and Conferences

It would be a little overwhelming to imagine the popularity and viewership SMS enjoys over its counterparts in this technologically evolved world. Today, a business can leverage a number of decisive platforms to connect, collaborate and Communicate with its target audience in real time

Despite the availability of so many obvious and, in some cases, highly advanced platforms, most businesses are still using SMS as their core marketing channel for a number of obvious benefits

Easy to set up

  • Compared to every other form of communication platforms, SMS is extremely easy to set up.
  • Affordable to start, manage and maintain.
  • SMS marketing is affordable, easy to manage and simplify.

Greater audience engagement

When it comes to getting higher audience engagement; perhaps no other platform can Enhance Audience Engagement like SMS does with the help of short and simple messaging service.

Device independent ability

SMS can be sent to literally any mobile device; thereby making the process of sending the communication advertisements easy across a variety of mobile devices.

Apart from the features mentioned; SMS marketing by BroadNet is helpful since it helps deliver distinct, personalized and simplified messages when other forms of marketing communication are very much dependent on a simplistic set of messaging that is not always personalized.

How to use the full potential of SMS to promote live events and concerts?

Now, talking about the topic of our today's discussion; when it comes to promoting live events and concerts; BroadNet’s SMS Services can be used as a highly important tool.

  • It can be used as instant message supplier to targeted set of audience in real time.
  • It can be used to let target audience keep in touch with the progress and status of an event.
  • It engages audience, makes them happily connected and even rectifies a message if needed.
  • Using SMS, organizers can even get feedback about the planning of a conference and events.

Make sure the vendors and attendees are updated

Ask question and answer in a livelier fashion. For example, reaching out to a speaker during an event might not be easy for an audience; but using SMS that speaker easily be reached. Making great events successful very often depends on the usefulness of messages attendees receive through messaging platforms.

These are just a few of the core ways BroadNet’s SMS marketing can be strategically used to promote live events and conferences. To learn more about BroadNet’s SMS marketing in events; please visit our website www.broadnet.me

June 20 2017


How to Control Your SMS Campaigns with A Flexible API?

Flexible APIs have a lot of advantages when it comes to marketing campaigns and models, but in our opinion, nothing compares to the degree of marketing automation that they allow.

This automated marketing in the form of scheduled SMS messages, scheduled alerts and reminders not only save time and energy but also allow scalable performance to be achieved in a minimalistic way! Our in-house APIs allow you to launch a million SMS deliveries with just a single click.

Automated settings allow more features like SMS validity period that allow you to launch convertible deadline promotions for your customers.

Take control of your SMS campaigns with Broadnet Flexible APIs

Our existing customers use our flexible API for sending out campaigns that have been scheduled in advance. If you see our Sample API , you will find it is completely capable of being tweaked with different JSON requests.

You will have more control over your messaged. You can revise the delivery schedule at any time; check message status and update validity periods.

Message status updates can also be automated based on the predefined response. They can be used for pausing, resuming, or cancelling scheduled campaigns.

Another important application of flexible SMS APIs is automated validity periods. Many companies send deadline-bound promotions or offers to their customers. Even OTPs used in two-factor authentication are only valid for a few minutes.

Such messages are highly popular as they are time bound. This, in turn, makes them highly attractive and they convert easily.

SMS API is a popular option for companies and services to take Advantage of targeted SMS Marketing and reap the benefits. Over the years it has transformed into a widespread platform with a wide range of services.

With flexible APIs such as ours, you are not only in control of each of your campaigns; you get timely reporting and analytics that help you garner more refined strategies in the future.

Our experts at Broadnet create APIs that integrate with frameworks across the board and can easily be tweaked to launch various automated campaigns like scheduled SMS deliveries, limited time validity SMS and more.

Therefore, stop exploring your app possibilities elsewhere and partner with us for maximum outreach. With over 400 direct connections to network operators worldwide, we guarantee maximum outreach and best prices! Get in touch with us today!

June 19 2017


How to Use SMS Feature when developing Mobile Communications App?

Mobile app without SMS like tree without fruits! Give your mobile apps the opportunity to build a high-conversion list for repeat sales through SMS.

SMS is an excellent delivery method, as it doesn’t depend on Wi-Fi or Data Coverage. Using SMS marketing to let your existing customers know about your business app can help you boost your downloads and get people talking about your application.

Ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft use SMS to give pick up and arrival alerts. Food delivery apps notify their customers in real time when food is on the way.

At Broadnet, we specialize in creating SMS mobile app integration. Our APIs support both inbound and outbound SMS communication between apps and customers. You can send outbound messages and check when each of them was sent, delivered and get notified about delivery failures.

With SMS users can be authenticated and verified more securely. This creates an air of trust between your brand and the end user. After providing their phone number, they receive a confirmation code that they enter in the app. This authenticates the user.

There are numerous other applications including:

  • OTPs for financial transactions
  • Secure pins for login or other secure requests

The simplicity of SMS communication is reason for its exponential potential. SMS is read fast and reaches directly in a separate inbox on each phone. Therefore, you have guaranteed rate of delivery. This is something newer technologies like Push Notifications have yet to achieve.

Adding an SMS Framework to your APP

With Broadnet, you get our exclusive SMS messaging API. If you have an existing app, then it can be easily integrated. It works across app development frameworks. You need to have an SMS-enabled number to start using the service.

SMS communication can do wonders for your business.

Interested in getting started with SMS marketing? Contact us now for a free quote: info@broadnetme.com

June 16 2017


How to Maximize Conversions with SMS Verification Tool?

Businesses can Maximize Conversions With SMS Verification Tools , which allows them to get higher conversions. Usually, the word “bulk SMS” is used when businesses think of sending promotional SMS. An SMS verification infrastructure is the next step in the marketing ladder. Through verification, a business owner can verify users, create two-factor notification (2FA) processes for transaction verification, and more.

Usually, in the verification, a unique code is generated and sent to the user. Based on the nature of the marketing or branding campaign, the user enters the code into the system and receives benefits.

The SMS verification system is secure than a single factor system which is usually the computer used by the user. There are no drawbacks to this system because every mobile user has access to receiving text messages. If you want to run comprehensive marketing and verification campaign, use the Broadnet bulk SMS and SMS Verification Services

SMS verification services

With this, you can register users to the database and verify transactions, phone number, and generate one-time Pin (OTP). All this happens through seamless API integration. Running global campaigns become easy as you do not need to connect with the network carriers separately. All the services are SMS Verification API compliant.

The fee for SMS verification service is based on ‘pay per SMS received’ plan and not on the number of delivery attempts. A marketer pays for results, which makes the proposition risk free. There are no minimum monthly commitments. You can explore with a free test account and create an SMS verification pipeline. All the SMS verification results can be tracked minutely from the Dashboard. You get real-time analysis. When the message fails to deliver, there will be automated retry modules.

Businesses looking to create strong outreach and conversion pipelines should definitely opt for the SMS verification services.

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