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November 28 2017

Here are some interesting facts you need to know about SMS verification service. Click here to read it know

November 27 2017


Everything you need to know about SMS verification service in UAE

SMS Verification service

The short messaging service lets a cell phone or other strategic device receive real-time text. A good number of sites such as banking institutions, social networking sites, and retail stores need to verify the identity of an individual. They need to ask their targeted, pinpointed audiences to verify their identity, in the means of sending a strategic SMS verification to their mobile.


The SMS message generally populates with unique code that an organization sends to the user's mobile. After an organization receives a code on his mobile phone, he might use the code on the organization's website. This is a crucial step when it comes to verifying the authenticity of a user.

Technical glitches

One of the drawbacks of the SMS verification service is that it can be sent only to those mobile phones; which are capable of receiving such messages. Although all modern and even old phones - features phones to be precise - are capable of receiving text messages, landline phones in specific cannot receive any such messages. Some landline phones, however, entertains the idea of receiving text messages; which they play back with a recorded voice. Therefore, a company that uses SMS messages might need to offer additional services; including voice verification messages.


When a company uses SMS verification service, it gathers additional set of important information such as the device, cell phone number. It might sell the information or use it for advertising purpose. The company could even store the number on their specialized servers so that any other user could not register using the number.

SMS Verification API: Seamless integration, no experience necessary

Companies that tend to send messages to their targeted audiences for sending messages and verifying identity need to rely on a state of the art, solid and functional SMS API.

An SMS is programming software, which lets you develop your targeted personalized SMS sending and receiving channel. You can receive SMS API for PHP, JAVA, HTTP etc. You can choose SMS API to decide how you want to receive and send bulk messages.

An SMS API can help you :

  • Send SMS in a number of formats
  • Receive text messages
  • Get real time status reports

In simple word, an SMS API can help you send bulk messages, with good transfer rate. It helps you save time, money and efforts by systematically helping you send and receive messages.

There are a good number of standalone benefits associated with a good SMS API.

How do you choose a good SMS verification service in UAE?

Always choose a good service provider; which has great years of experience serving its clients with quality solutions. When it comes to choosing a good SMS verification and when it comes to comparing, choosing and then necessarily opting for a useful and verified service provider, BroadNet always wins! To send fast, reliable and easy to integrate messages, always trust BroadNet Technologies

Broadnet Technologies

November 24 2017

Follow these important Inside Tips to Find the Right SMS Gateway Provider in UAE. Read it to know more

Inside Tips to Find the Right SMS Gateway Provider in UAE

When it comes to choosing a good SMS service provider, which are the key things that you take into account? Well; while the many deciders that collectively play a decisive role for choosing a good SMS gateway service provider in UAE, we focus on a few of those that matter -

The core attention while choosing a good SMS gateway provider is to be defined about your standalone requirements, and then compare and choose from the available resources and finally depending on your unique preferences and needs; choosing a gateway service provider that actually works.

The number one key decider that needs to influence your decision to choose one is to ensure that it offers a free demo that lets you undergo detailed analysis of literally all types of risks associated in the process. Based on the essential points; you would then come up with a valid decision.

The number two decider that need to act on, and should be taken into consideration seriously is that it should have a broad coverage for all mobile networks. This makes sure that you can reach to all of your customers - irrespective of which mobile carriers are they using.

The number three factor; which you need to take into consideration before choosing an SMS gateway provider is to ensure that they offer advanced market service. A good SMS gateway provider today offers a host of advanced marketing features, including SMS polls, message schedule.

These are just some of the most important factors; which you need to take into account before choosing a good SMS gateway service provider. Other than these, while choosing a good service provider; make sure that it has a good reputation in the market. The service provider need to have an advanced set of tools and technologies to offer real-time, sophisticated range of useful service.

The entire process of choosing a good service provider actually based on a number of factors; which you need to ensure before working out anything. It should have a list of clients it already worked for. It need to have valid testimonial and genuine set of client record. The company's advanced SMS gateway need to be populated with unique set of ideas and the service need to be simple and easy to use.

The SMS gateway provider needs to have a great service support team; which would help you round the hour; offering state of the art and highly sophisticated service in real-time .

Broadnet Technologies

November 16 2017

To know how HLR Lookup services can provide your businesses with a good variety of information read this blog

How to acquire HLR Lookup services in UAE

HLR lookup services offer a wealth of advantages for professional companies ; who are always in the need to keep in the know of the latest whereabouts of their customers. Learning their customers' geographical location and existence help them pinpoint their marketing campaign and then narrow down their preferences - based on which they can device marketing strategy to connect, collaborate with them.

Businesses across the world use unique types of HLR lookup services for a number of many reasons ; including but not limited to saving money, maintaining accurate data, narrowing down a specific audience, improving communication ideas, and enhancing security etc.

Short for home location register; HLR is a central database; it contains the details of each mobile subscriber who is connected to the global mobile network. You can leverage on the API to validate if a mobile number is live and is registered on a mobile network.

There are a number of reasons and benefits for which businesses are using HLR lookup services

HLR services can offer your businesses with a good variety of information; which you can use to learn a host of things; such as if a mobile number is live, if it is active. These kinds of information help remove irrelevant mobile numbers from your database thereby minimizing your wasted time and resources. The service can help you know which number of your customer is on roaming so you can manage your communications

An HLR look up helps businesses save time, effort and money. By using this, they can streamline their operational efficiency, pinpoint their audiences ‘needs and catering to their standalone requirements on time.

How to acquire HLR Lookup services in UAE?

When it comes to choosing a good HLR services in UAE, you first need to be -

  • Defined about your core requirements
  • Understand which type of HLR lookup service do you need
  • Set your priorities and budget

And; when you are done with all the information, the next most important thing is to learn how to choose a good HLR service provider

Compare, choose and opt from existing service providers. Make sure to choose a good service providers based on its reputation, it should have a beneficial record of offering state of the art and highly useful services to its customers. The tools and technologies it uses should be of top quality!

Broadnet Technologies

November 08 2017


November 07 2017

If you want to begin on your own Bulk SMS Service Businesspartner with BroadNet as a reseller or read these helpful tips

How SMS Reseller Will Help You Get More Business

SMS Reselling is the new buzzword in today's highly evolving marketplace. Bulk SMS often turns out to be one of the very profitable sources of income for many entrepreneurs. First obvious advantage of SMS reselling is that those who resell it do not need to work under anyone else. They own the complete freedom and liberty.

To learn why SMS reselling is so profitable in today's marketplace, we first need to understand why bulk SMS is gaining worldwide popularity. SMS usually has a very high success rate, they can quickly and simplistically help connect and collaborate with your audiences. They are easy to set up, and most importantly, they are an uncomplicated mode of connecting and collaborating with your audiences. Therefore, the entire task of buying and selling SMS is gaining worldwide popularity. Now, when it comes to the benefits with SMS reselling, please find below the major ones -

The core benefits explained -

  • You can easily find new products and services
  • You can find affiliate ideas
  • You can stay updated with the latest industry news and updates
  • So, the most obvious Benefit of becoming an SMS Reseller is that you can be part of a growing revolution. You can earn a good amount of money depending on your standalone needs.

    By becoming an SMS reseller, you get to know the industry and even devise improved mechanisms to excel your industry.

    You get a fully-fledged understanding of how the entire industry of Bulk SMS works. The process of sending SMS and delivering pinpointed set of messages to a defined set of audiences improve your understanding about the industry and you can easily be at the top of your innovation and learning cycle as long as the reselling is taken into consideration.

    It helps the reseller to keep sustain a good relationship to customers. It helps to enhance their business with minimal cost because it does not actually require any experienced staff that you need to train and set up cost is minimal.

    But how would you choose a reseller program?

    Easy to use interface, trusted by customers, sell the bulk SMS with custom rates, state of the art and round the hour customer care service. The entire strategy of selling SMS should be very simple and user friendly. So, whenever you choose a bulk SMS program, be defined!



    How to Start Your Own Bulk SMS Service Business?

    Before we guide you how you can earn a good amount of money by startup up your own SMS service business; let us first tell you why your idea of starting up such a business is good.

    • If the volume is good, you can earn a substantial amount of money.
    • If you follow a defined strategy and holistic approach, with a sustained, meaningful business idea, your business might scale high
    • Rather than having 100s of small customers, if you have at least 10 big customers and manage their accounts, you might gain profit better than expected
    • The margin might be small - be warned! If you are dreaming of earning great as quickly as you set up the business, you might be mistaken. There is an immense competition in the market, and it takes time to earn. Moreover; you need to send messages in bulk to start earning.
    • The entire business model is great, and a good number of people are earning well. But before starting up the business on your own, you should at least understand how to get started. Whether you should begin everything on your own or take help of someone in achieving your goal of gaining a sustained footprint in the business of bulk SMS.

    So, here we go -

    If you want to begin on your own, you need a clear, defined business strategy. You need an SMS gateway, a server, and to manage all of these and more; you need the help of developers, writers, programmers, designers, sales heroes and good managers. So, this means great investment of time, money and effort.

    So, what is the way out? We recommend before you develop such a capital and confidence to begin on your own, why don't you begin working under an established brand as a reseller.

    When you become a reseller, you can avail a number of standalone benefits; such as you gain training, guidance, and all the necessary help to starting up. Moreover; as a reseller; you can earn some good amount of money if you partner with an established brand and work with them in accordance with their pinpointed advice and suggestion.

    For example, when you partner with BroadNet as a reseller, you get a number of standalone benefits; some of which are mentioned below. The below-mentioned texts are sourced directly from the website of BroadNet

    BroadNet Reseller Information:

    • BroadNet provides a complete reseller interface through our resellers dedicated website 121sms.
    • Resellers can add, delete, update their own customers’ data and credits with complete easy to use interface.
    • Customers added by resellers can logon to 121sms with the reseller setup data and directly start using BroadNet SMS Services. In less than 1 minute resellers can setup the account for their customers and start earning money!
    • Each reseller will get free 30 SMS messages for testing purposes.
    • Complete dedicated website with reseller brand also can be offered with initial setup fees of USD 300 and yearly fees of USD 100.
    • 24/7 customer support will be available through MSN, mobiles & email.

    Wanted to learn more? Please click the website of BroadNet Technologies


    October 31 2017

    If you are not yet started HLR Lookup service then read these amazing Benefits of using HLR Lookup service

    Benefits of using HLR Lookup service

    This article will cover a few important details about HLR lookup services, with specific focus being given on its benefits

    Contents of the article -

    • What is HLR services
    • What are the benefits of HLR services
    • How to choose a HLR services

    What is HLR Services?

    A good number of companies and institutions around the world always want to customize the experiences of their client while others try to manage and maintain a holistic data base of updated information by pinpointing which mobile carriers a customer is using so as to guarantee proper and efficient services delivery, and then payment and billing activities. Other than that, some companies are always in the need to learn whether the customers are reachable or whether they have removed their SIM.

    The HLR is a central database, which is populated with information on all registered SIM cards. Each SIM card, which is issued by a mobile operator, has a standalone unique identifier the HLR called,

    Which are the core benefits of using HLR services?

    HLR services can offer your businesses with information, which you can use to gain a number of standalone benefits. It can help you learn whether a mobile number is live to maintain accurate records. It can help you remove irrelevant mobile numbers from your data and thereby minimize wasted time and resources which you would have done calling or messaging unavailable numbers. HLR services allow you to learn whether a specific number of your customers is on roaming or unavailable, which can then help you to manage your communication accordingly.

    HLR services can help you Check a mobile number’s original Mobile Network Operator (MNO).You can also understand using HLR if a mobile number has been recently used. HLR services also help you with security matters. It easily routs VoIP and SMS traffic, removing the middle man. Therefore, in all its totality, HLR look ups helps you save a great deal of time, effort and money. Businesses around the world understand the need for streamlining their operational efficiency by pinpointing their audiences 'needs and catering to their standalone requirements on time.

    How to choose a HLR services?

    Choose a good service provider which offer over the edge services, and has a trusted record of offering its clients truly advanced range of updated, seamless, functional HLR services. Should you want to learn more about it Benefits of using HLR Lookup service; please click the website NOW!

    Broadnet Technologies

    October 26 2017

    Want to grow your business but do not know how? Read these helpful Fascinating #Bulk #SMS #Marketing Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

    October 24 2017


    Fascinating Bulk SMS Marketing Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

    SMS Marketing Tricks

    • Develop a precisely clustered, pinpointed customer profile groups
    • Refer to prospects onto your website
    • Develop a flexible idea

    Develop a precisely clustered, pinpointed customer profile groups

    Most companies often fail to deliver on their promises when it comes to SMS marketing because they develop a highly promising set of their audience profile, but only on their imagination. They target almost any audience; without having to judge their social stability, earning quality. This actually leads to a huge gap of communication. Although most farsighted companies that know they need to be serious actually have started profiling their audience cleverly, speaking to the rest if the latter need to improve; they need to design and develop a core-pinpointed strategy specifically to profile and cluster their audience.

    The more detailed, accurate data they have about their audience and the better they know about the spending habits; the better they can develop their customers’ profile groups.

    Once you learn whom to send the messages, you need to know how to maintain a long-standing and organic relationship with them. That's exactly when you need to develop a stable relationship with them. Let us find a few ways

    • Whenever a transaction is made, please send a Thank You note to them acknowledging that you are in the know of the activity and that you appreciate their purchasing with you. In the message please don't forget to note down your contact details so that if they require; they can always contact you in a hurry.
    • Send them regular SMS - however do not spam - about new launches, sales, discounts and offers.
    • Be more sensitive – Send them SMS’s on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals to acknowledge their relationship with you.
    • Another good way to retain the relationship with your audience is to send them traffic updates, weather alerts etc. While this might seem to be unnecessary; they actually work because in today's highly commercially driven ecosystem, consumers also seek for businesses with a human angle.

    Refer to prospects onto your website

    Having a website and populating it with all the necessary information that your prospects and customers can use can actually help you in improving your income potentiality. When you promote the website on search engines such as Google and Bing; you can gain increased traffic organically and using valid ways is a great way to make a website more popular. This means you develop a dependable or trust relationship with your audience by making your presence credible in the marketplace.

    Let us take this in an entirely different way -

    If you send messages to your audience, you certainly need them to read it and then come at a place where they can shop and purchase a product and service. That is when your website works. Also, even if you don't need to do with a website because your audience can purchase a product and service in an entirely unique manner such as offline; having a website gives positive vibes about your brand to your target audience

    Have a flexible approach

    This is a much disciplined world; where everyone is running after something at a specific time, within a defined timeline. This has resulted in a tough competition and thus people are seeking alternative ways to relieve them from the stress they get. That's why; you can experiment with the tone, timing and format of messaging. Bring a fresh vibe of rejuvenation, break away from the conventional bondages and try to connect with your audiences informally. Reach out to them the way they wanted.

    • Other bonus points
    • Offer an incentive
    • Title your campaign cleverly
    • Clearly make sure to define your terms
    • Try to add the word free as uniquely and much as you can
    • Refer to the benefits available solely to the subscribers
    • Give great giveaways for enterprise customers
    • Ask people to talk about you and thereby make you more known.

    Broadnet Technologies

    October 18 2017

    HLR services have their unique set of beneficial features. To know more benefits of HLR Lookup Service read it now

    October 17 2017


    How HLR Lookup Service Can Increase Your Profit

    Using HLR lookups allows you to verify and check the availability of mobile numbers, specifically in real-time; globally!

    Businesses across the globe use HLR lookups for a number of unique reasons; such as maintaining and managing accurate data, pinpointing a specific audience, improving the efficiency of communication, and enhancing security!

    Please find below a curated list covering the top benefits of using HLR lookups for businesses

    • Using HLR records, you can maintain the accuracy of records. You can delete dead/obsolete records from your records. It helps you save your valued time, effort and money since you no longer need to call or message unavailable numbers
    • Using HLR service, you can quickly learn whether a number is available on regular or roaming network. Thus, you can hopefully channelize and streamline your communication process thereby.
    • Using HLR, you can understand and learn the original mobile network operator; which is commonly known as MNO. Once you have specific inputs about it, you can target your communication needs according to your operator audience.
    • Another benefit of HLR is that you can understand whether a mobile number is operated recently. Therefore, sending messages and other communication to the number can go noticed.
    • HLR can help you identify invalid mobile numbers. This helps your valued time and effort and of course investment of money because you will not necessarily send messages and communication to those numbers.

    So, as you can see, HLR services have their unique set of beneficial features. Different communication companies use it to enhance their organizational work. The communication services that use the service can benefit in a number of ways.

    Now, let us pinpoint how HLR service can improve profit?

    • When you send specific types of targeted, pinpointed messages to your audience without wasting your time, effort and money; you can of course gain value.
    • When you do not necessarily send messages to numbers who are invalid, or most likely to not receive the messages because the numbers are inoperative, you save money. You also delete them from your data base. This assist your record and unburden the strategy.
    • HLR services uncomplicate your operational strategy and uncomplicate the strategy development process.
    • HLR services give you accurate access to the most updated set of records; thereby helping you save money by not having to get new data record
    • Using HLR you can pinpoint to your most valued set of audiences; and thereby HLR has been the key metrics of growth companies who leverage on the communication


    October 16 2017

    Through SMS API you can send bulk SMS across all of the technological networks. To know read core benefits of using SMS API

    October 13 2017


    Benefits of using Customized SMS API

    Usually, SMS API helps you to -

    • Send SMS in a number of ways, including formats
    • Receive text messages
    • Receive what the sender is sending without having to use any code
    • Receive real time status report

    If you look closely at the standalone benefits, you can understand the true potential of SMS API is in a range of stuffs -

    • When using SMS API you can send bulk SMS across all of the technological networks and platforms that your business uses. You can use one functional control system to manage the inflow and outflow of the messages
    • Transfer and deliver standalone, unique set of messages quickly. SMS gateway also provides complete peace of mind and enhanced security benefits.
    • API integration for bulk SMS sending is simple and easy. Your developers can easily add the features of the gateway into your own systems
    • SMS gateway also provides enhanced and added speed and reliability. You can deliver text messages right from your browser in seconds, this means you can quickly and easily deliver your messages to your potential audiences quickly and in a super fast mechanism

    These are just some of the core benefits associated with SMS API. When choosing an API, be defined about your needs, and always make sure to integrate holistic variety of useful data and SMS.

    When it comes to choosing an SMS API, you need to understand the volume of messages you need to send a day, the format and means of messages

    You need to understand the format of the system, and how the API you want to interact with your system. To learn more about an enhanced, simplified and useful API that works, please click the website now and try difference.


    October 11 2017


    October 10 2017


    Top 5 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is better than Email Marketing

    When it comes to SMS marketing, marketers often get confused between two viable alternatives - one, whether to begin SMS over email and two, how to effectively use any of the one.

    To begin answering the question, we must know the benefit of email marketing. Email marketing is a crucially decisive form of marketing, and has been used by a number of reputed firms worldwide because of its reach, targeted audience marketing campaign and effective positioning. But if you compare email marketing with that of SMS marketing; you can very well understand the benefits of using SMS over any other forms of marketing.

    Pinpointed marketing

    SMS marketing is effective because it gets read. An email might however gets unread because it might land in the specific spam folder of the recipients.

    Less of spam

    People who want to receive SMS usually read them, but given the volume of emails and format of the communication, it is a fact that they might treat so many emails as spam.

    Higher CTR

    When it comes to clicking through rate, SMS is the clear winner. It is because people whom you send the emails, they do not necessarily have the time and patience to go through the entire email and then click on the necessary link. On the contrary; when it comes to the SMS, people would quickly read the link because it is short and simple.

    Smart and simple form of communication

    SMS is quick, smart and simple. You do not necessarily need to rely over any complexity. The most important messages are thoughtfully communicated over a few important words. So, people do not necessarily need to wait long and they can quickly reach at the conclusion.

    Quality over quantity

    As mentioned earlier, SMS is a form of communication; which is direct and clear. SMS campaigns can be carried out specifically twice or thrice a month, whereas when it comes to email marketing, you need to generate report and based on the attitude of audiences, and there is not straight forward answer as to how many campaigns can you generate.

    Other than the above-mentioned points, another reason for which SMS campaign is better than email marketing campaign is that it is affordable. Given the prestigious reasons for which SMS is getting popular and brands are increasingly using it today!


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