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October 18 2017

HLR services have their unique set of beneficial features. To know more benefits of HLR Lookup Service read it now

October 17 2017


How HLR Lookup Service Can Increase Your Profit

Using HLR lookups allows you to verify and check the availability of mobile numbers, specifically in real-time; globally!

Businesses across the globe use HLR lookups for a number of unique reasons; such as maintaining and managing accurate data, pinpointing a specific audience, improving the efficiency of communication, and enhancing security!

Please find below a curated list covering the top benefits of using HLR lookups for businesses

  • Using HLR records, you can maintain the accuracy of records. You can delete dead/obsolete records from your records. It helps you save your valued time, effort and money since you no longer need to call or message unavailable numbers
  • Using HLR service, you can quickly learn whether a number is available on regular or roaming network. Thus, you can hopefully channelize and streamline your communication process thereby.
  • Using HLR, you can understand and learn the original mobile network operator; which is commonly known as MNO. Once you have specific inputs about it, you can target your communication needs according to your operator audience.
  • Another benefit of HLR is that you can understand whether a mobile number is operated recently. Therefore, sending messages and other communication to the number can go noticed.
  • HLR can help you identify invalid mobile numbers. This helps your valued time and effort and of course investment of money because you will not necessarily send messages and communication to those numbers.

So, as you can see, HLR services have their unique set of beneficial features. Different communication companies use it to enhance their organizational work. The communication services that use the service can benefit in a number of ways.

Now, let us pinpoint how HLR service can improve profit?

  • When you send specific types of targeted, pinpointed messages to your audience without wasting your time, effort and money; you can of course gain value.
  • When you do not necessarily send messages to numbers who are invalid, or most likely to not receive the messages because the numbers are inoperative, you save money. You also delete them from your data base. This assist your record and unburden the strategy.
  • HLR services uncomplicate your operational strategy and uncomplicate the strategy development process.
  • HLR services give you accurate access to the most updated set of records; thereby helping you save money by not having to get new data record
  • Using HLR you can pinpoint to your most valued set of audiences; and thereby HLR has been the key metrics of growth companies who leverage on the communication


October 16 2017

Through SMS API you can send bulk SMS across all of the technological networks. To know read core benefits of using SMS API

October 13 2017


Benefits of using Customized SMS API

Usually, SMS API helps you to -

  • Send SMS in a number of ways, including formats
  • Receive text messages
  • Receive what the sender is sending without having to use any code
  • Receive real time status report

If you look closely at the standalone benefits, you can understand the true potential of SMS API is in a range of stuffs -

  • When using SMS API you can send bulk SMS across all of the technological networks and platforms that your business uses. You can use one functional control system to manage the inflow and outflow of the messages
  • Transfer and deliver standalone, unique set of messages quickly. SMS gateway also provides complete peace of mind and enhanced security benefits.
  • API integration for bulk SMS sending is simple and easy. Your developers can easily add the features of the gateway into your own systems
  • SMS gateway also provides enhanced and added speed and reliability. You can deliver text messages right from your browser in seconds, this means you can quickly and easily deliver your messages to your potential audiences quickly and in a super fast mechanism

These are just some of the core benefits associated with SMS API. When choosing an API, be defined about your needs, and always make sure to integrate holistic variety of useful data and SMS.

When it comes to choosing an SMS API, you need to understand the volume of messages you need to send a day, the format and means of messages

You need to understand the format of the system, and how the API you want to interact with your system. To learn more about an enhanced, simplified and useful API that works, please click the website now and try difference.


October 11 2017


October 10 2017


Top 5 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is better than Email Marketing

When it comes to SMS marketing, marketers often get confused between two viable alternatives - one, whether to begin SMS over email and two, how to effectively use any of the one.

To begin answering the question, we must know the benefit of email marketing. Email marketing is a crucially decisive form of marketing, and has been used by a number of reputed firms worldwide because of its reach, targeted audience marketing campaign and effective positioning. But if you compare email marketing with that of SMS marketing; you can very well understand the benefits of using SMS over any other forms of marketing.

Pinpointed marketing

SMS marketing is effective because it gets read. An email might however gets unread because it might land in the specific spam folder of the recipients.

Less of spam

People who want to receive SMS usually read them, but given the volume of emails and format of the communication, it is a fact that they might treat so many emails as spam.

Higher CTR

When it comes to clicking through rate, SMS is the clear winner. It is because people whom you send the emails, they do not necessarily have the time and patience to go through the entire email and then click on the necessary link. On the contrary; when it comes to the SMS, people would quickly read the link because it is short and simple.

Smart and simple form of communication

SMS is quick, smart and simple. You do not necessarily need to rely over any complexity. The most important messages are thoughtfully communicated over a few important words. So, people do not necessarily need to wait long and they can quickly reach at the conclusion.

Quality over quantity

As mentioned earlier, SMS is a form of communication; which is direct and clear. SMS campaigns can be carried out specifically twice or thrice a month, whereas when it comes to email marketing, you need to generate report and based on the attitude of audiences, and there is not straight forward answer as to how many campaigns can you generate.

Other than the above-mentioned points, another reason for which SMS campaign is better than email marketing campaign is that it is affordable. Given the prestigious reasons for which SMS is getting popular and brands are increasingly using it today!


October 03 2017


Gigantic Influences Of GSM

Short for global system for mobiles, GSM is the primary technology used worldwide for 3G mobile network which has a whopping market share and it competes with Code Division Multiple Access technology. While GSM offers a set of unrivaled advantages such as compatibility, multi tasking and speed over CDMA on a 3G network, most of the carriers around the world are actually making a switch to LTE network; which is short for long term evolution standard for 4g network.

Changing phone is simple

All the GSM phones have a International Module Equipment Identification number, which is used to recognize the handset. It also uses subscriber identity module card to store the account information. If you buy a new GSM phone, you can simply remove the SIM, and place it on your new phone and begin using it quickly. Registering the new phone's IMEI is not mandatory

Voice and data

When you use a GSM phone, you can talk over the phone, surf the Internet, email. That however is not always the case with a CDMA network. However; with an add on, CDMA tries to fill the gap, but that would require the user to do changes in the CDMA networks and phones


A GSM network generally is more high speed compared than a CDMA network. Most GSM carriers adopted the High Speed Packet Access extension for faster processing of data. The speed and accuracy of data transfer make the GSM mobile phones a cool alternative to other network carriers and are accepted by worldwide.

Other than the mentioned benefits, other Reasons for using GSM include extensive coverage. Users can seamlessly keep using the one number while switching the networks. A greater variety of phones use GSM so you have the flexibility of choosing your phone depending on your standalone needs and requirements. Generally, there are no charges applicable on international roaming calls since one network is used worldwide. But some carriers are charging though.

Having one bandwidth being used means there is a lack of bandwidth, the system also interfere with electronics.

The entire system is highly useful, and despite having some drawbacks, is still known to be beneficial. There are an increased potentiality of using GSM for its simplicity, ease of use and highly structured work system. Should you want to learn more about the telephony technology and learn which caters to your standalone requirements; please click the website

BroadNet Technologies

September 27 2017

An API plays a great role in ensuring the effectiveness of an instant messaging app. Click here to know know 

September 26 2017


Role of Messaging API in Instant Messaging Apps

An API is short for application programming interface. A messaging application programming Interface is a messaging architecture and component object model. It is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for developing and designing state of the art, functional software applications. An API specifies how software components should interact.

An API plays a great role in ensuring the effectiveness of an instant messaging app. In its simplest terms, APIs set requirement that govern how one application talk to another.

When it comes to developing standalone, and effective variety of useful and fully featured applications that work, you necessarily require to invest your defined time and effort in choosing a great, fully-featured applications programming interface that not just helps different modules and programs within app to interactively talk to each other, it should also uncomplicate the entire communication system so that the application such as a chat applications can easily score well above the rest; bringing in the latest technological innovation and ideas.

When it comes to designing and developing standalone, useful variety of meaningful application; you can reliably choose the option of API. API for chat applications need to be simplified, uncomplicated and extremely aligned with the core objectives of designing the application.

The design and development of a chat API need to be so simple and effortless that the interactivity between some of the core features; such as connecting and collaborating, sending and receiving messages etc becomes very uncomplicated.

The entire goal of an API in a chat application is that it needs to help different modules and programs to interactively talk with each other effortlessly and thereby simplify the entire navigational system.

The role of an API is to simplify the programming interface and collaborate with programs. To learn more about how chat API can help you with your business goals, how an application can effectively build on a robust API framework; please feel free to click the website

Visit our blog: BroadNet

September 22 2017


Tips To Help You Get Better At App Store Optimization

The above stat shows how popular and important has application development become in today's changing global eco system. In order to get the highest value benefits from application development and ensure sustained, high value results; developers need to design and develop highly functional, useful and very cleverly designed and defined applications that work.

However, given the extremely volatile eco system of consumer demands, it requires expert handling of resources and develop state of the art, highly sophisticated applications that work. Developers constantly need to think out of the box but not so much that it becomes obsolete and out of trends. Read on the core ways how to help you get better at app store optimization

Title Make it short

Make your title short and simple. Ignore over stressing on redundant details and rather focus on what is important. When a title is short and simple, it has higher chances of being read. On the other hand, if it is lengthy and unnecessarily stressed out of context in order to look cool; you cannot expect the application to get downloaded.

Other tips for an optimized, highly simple and effective title for your app store

Make it unique and memorable so that it can be easily remembered

Use keyword, but refrain from overpopulating with keywords. Be organic

Other key takeaways

Keywords are very vital when it comes to optimizing app store. So focus on developing and writing on proper variety of useful keywords; whole without ignoring their basics

Ratings are very important and they are highly crucial when it comes to deciding the fate of an application. Ratings authenticate the validity and trustworthiness of an app; but focusing more on it and shunning away with the traditional mode of optimization is a bad thing. Ratings are cool and important but as much as other modules of optimization.

Other than these, other important measures that constitute the validity of an app include paying special focus on description, writing legible, highly defined description. These are some of the most important things that you need to work on besides others; when it comes to developing great applications and optimizing app store.

When it comes to developing standalone applications that work, you need to pay special focus on designing and developing unique and highly sophisticated applications across app store. Pay special focus on developing user friendly and simplified apps

Broadnet Technologies

September 16 2017


How A2P SMS Service is beneficial for E-commerce Business

A2P SMS rocks! Read why!

Short for application to persons A2P SMS are heralding in an entirely advanced and more sophisticated age of communication. Businesses who leverage on the potentiality of A2P SMS report excellent returns out of the investment. There are a variety of standalone reasons for which A2P SMS are gaining popularity; it is cost-effective, secure, trustworthy inevitable and direct type of communication with your defined set of targeted audience. If you are an e commerce business; you can use A2P SMS for a number of useful reasons and gain standalone benefits. Read on!

Here are some of the most important reasons why A2P SMS are popular.

A2P SMS are stickier than other forms of communication

Did you know SMS have a higher chance of being read compared to other types of communication channels that either usually do not get read or do not have open rates compared to SMS. SMS are being read. This is open of the very important reason for which e commerce marketers are leveraging on the potentiality of A2P SMS.

A2P SMS help e commerce marketers make a massive online footprint

The SMS empowers marketers with a defined scope to easily connect and collaborate with a good number of audiences; more than the reach of consumers using other forms of communication. The more your audience base grows and better your defined system of communication is modeled; easier it is for you to collaborate and communicate with your defined set of audiences.

A2P SMS are the simplest way to send specialized notifications

When it comes to communicating with your audience, A2P SMS rocks. They not just empower you to communicate and collaborate with your defined set of audiences; they also meaningfully help you send specialized and pinpointed notifications to your defined set of audiences. The notifications sent make up the trusted and easiest form of usefully vital communication.

Fast, safe and reliable form of communication

A2P SMS act as fast, safe communication system. When it comes to making a solid base of highly targeted audience base that work; you should actually trust on the on A2P SMS solutions. The entire process of sending SMS using A2P SMS is simple and consumers read the message easily thereby the response rate is good and add to that the entire process of sending SMS is uniquely devised.

These are just some of the most important benefits an e commerce company can achieve using A2P SMS system. The more defined you are about your entire process; and the better you are connected with your entire service and communicate with your audience; better can you connect and collaborate with your audiences. To learn more about the A2P SMS and how to use it holistically using proper set of ideas; we recommend you visit this website.

Sending A2P SMS is not a hard task and becomes extremely simple and easier if you properly leverage on the simplicity of the SMS service.

BroadNet Technologies

Use A2P SMS for a number of useful reasons and gain standalone benefits. Here is how A2P SMS beneficial for E-commerce Business

September 11 2017

We at BroadNet utilize SMS short codes for sending SMS alerts & reminders, text contests or text voting and more to increase customer participation and interaction.

September 06 2017

BroadNet Technologies is committed to offering its reseller clients a white-labeled solution. Read this article to know the Benefits of Becoming a Bulk SMS Reseller

Benefits of Becoming a Bulk SMS Reseller

Bulk SMS often turn out to be a very profitable source of income for many entrepreneurs. That's why you can see a good number of people who otherwise had dreamt of beginning something of their own and thereby lead the life of complete freedom; free from corporate obstacles; they are smiling they became SMS resellers.

To learn why bulk SMS is a good business venture; we first need to understand why bulk SMS is a happening thing in today's highly competitive world. SMS has a very high success rate, they can easily help connect and collaborate with your audiences, they are easy and simple, and most importantly they are an uncomplicated form of connecting with your defined set of audiences.

Now, coming to today's entry - why bulk SMS reselling is a great thing in today's competitive world order? So, here we go –

How can you earn a good amount of money if you avail bulk SMS service as a reseller?

  • Finding out absolutely new products and suppliers which add total value and improve your revenue
  • After becoming a reseller, you can easily find affiliate ideas which add increased and greater form of revenue from your website
  • You can also find franchise opportunities
  • Stay updated about the latest industry news and updates

When you become a reseller of bulk SMS services, these are just some of the core benefits that you can expect to have. Other than and even with these benefits at their core; here are more uses of becoming a reseller.

You avail complete understanding of how the entire industry of bulk SMS works. The entire process of sending SMS and delivering just pinpointed, regulated set of messages to a defined set of audiences increased and expands your message.

By becoming a bulk SMS reseller, you avail the complete advantage of earning a good source of revenue. The more revenue you generate; better can you understand the entire industry. Also, you get a complete, full-fledged idea of how the industry works. The more messages services you sell, better chance is for you to earn sustained revenue.

So, the entire industry is competitive but if you can position yourself in a defined manner and cater to the unique needs of clients on time, without having to worry them anything; becoming an SMS reseller helps.

When it comes to SMS reselling, you need to consider a few importantly vital things which you need to know. Before choosing just any type of company for SMS reselling; you actually should trust a professional service provider or bulk SMS company that has a proven record of generating higher yield for its reseller. You should choose a noble, and professional service provider who has been offering up to the mark, and absolutely valuable range of services and is positioned and regarded well by its resellers.

Should you want to learn more about SMS reselling, benefits of bulk SMS reselling and etc; please click the website now www.broadnet.me

August 29 2017

A2P SMS are the safest and simplest form of communication.  Click here to know how A2P SMS is more useful and targeted form of SMS

A2P SMS - Is it the Right Marketing Choice for Your Business

For literally any type of businesses, the ability to get your marketing message read by a good number of audiences rather than a small population actually decides the effectiveness of a campaign. SMS marketing is one of the ways a business can effectively reach out to audiences. That is why a good number of companies are effectively working out to integrate SMS into their marketing mix.

With the increased sales of hand-held devices compared to laptop and desktop, it is very important that business start to leverage on the benefits of SMS marketing to reach out to their defined set of audiences

Using A2P SMS, a business can even more easily and meaningfully connect and collaborate with their standalone set of audience. This article briefly covers the meaning of A2P SMS, and how it benefits businesses.

What is A2P SMS?

A2P SMS means application to person messaging. An A2P SMS is a type of SMS message which is specifically sent from a web based application to the mobile of a subscriber. There are a number of standalone benefits associated with A2P SMS. some of which necessarily include offering notifications, alerts and mobile contextual marketing which include flights booking, alerts, banking updates, new offers from merchant.

There are a number of benefits associated with A2P SMS

It is stickier than email - Compared to email and any other forms of marketing, when you send your customers defined and targeted form of SMS; it is more likely to get read. So, sending A2P which is more direct, and more useful and targeted form of SMS is stickier than every other forms of marketing

Flexibility to reach out to your defined set of important audience base - When you use A2P to reach your audiences holistically, you get the added benefit of reaching out to actual set of audiences. You send targeted notifications to those people who are crucially vital.

A trusted customer life cycle tool - when you use the SMS system to reach defined set of audiences. it develops instant interaction and convenience. A2P SMS is generally used for authorization, other than authentication, product information. This specialized form of SMS is also used and leveraged for order notification, reminders, coupons, vouchers loyalty programs.

A2P SMS are considered the safest and simplest form of communication. It is fastest and also proven to be beneficial for the overall marketing strategy of the businesses.

So, A2P SMS is one of the vital ways to communicate with your audiences. . The more defined you are about the objective of your business and more clear and articulated about your process; quicker can you avail the benefits.

These are just a few of the important things that you need to understand when it comes to using A2P SMS. Should you have any query about the specialized form of SMS, please click the website

Integrating two step authentication system or SMS Verification into your Marketing Strategy can boost your ROI easily. Read more to know how?
Here are the top secrets of Bulk SMS Marketing which can boost your sales just double follow these tips now
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