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May 09 2018


Why Ignoring wholesale Bulk SMS Marketing Will Cost You Sales

To learn more about benefits and how marketing can help you or how wholesale Bulk SMS Marketing Will Cost You Sales

Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing

When it comes to targeting the defined set of audiences holistically, you need to be decisive about a few important things. First, you need to be defined about your key requirements. Then, you need to narrow down on the list of audiences.

The accurate set of audiences need to be analysed and then comes the targeting campaign; which of course begins with intelligent marketing campaigns. Wholesale Bulk SMS will matter a lot of things when it comes to channelizing your efforts towards aligning your goals with adequate set of audiences.

Businesses today cannot afford to lose the interest of bulk SMS marketing. The kind of SMS is beneficial in a number of ways. Bulk SMS marketing is distinguished for it is more responsive, is time efficient. It is believed to be very cost effective and affordable and brings in better return out of investment.

Bulk SMS marketing has a definite competitive edge over others. It can increase attendance at events and create last minute attendance; it increases positive customer perception and loyalty.

The unique advantages of bulk SMS make it a distinguished form of marketing with increasing range of useful potentiality.

So, when it comes to bulk SMS marketing, it comes with a number of strategic benefits which are aligned with its nature. The benefits include bulk SMS marketing, rapidity, bang on target, low cost and ROI, integration with marketing campaigns, targeted pinpointed form of point, money saving.

The benefits of bulk SMS marketing are surpassing others in this competitive marketing eco system. The bulk SMS marketing is changing the landscape of business ecosystem because of its inherent benefits.

To learn more about benefits and how marketing can help you, you can visit the website.

May 07 2018


5 Ways SMS Reseller Will Help You Get More Business

As a reseller, you can find great franchise opportunities and stay updated with the latest industry. There are many more benefits of becoming SMS Reseller. Click here to know more

image description

Bulk SMS marketing has its own set of standalone benefits. It has the highest open rates, it has great speed and flexibility, it is low cost and yields high ROI, it can help businesses marrow down on the layered set of audiences who matter and thus devise a marketing plan that cater to their requirements. Moreover, bulk SMS can be personalized according to a customer's buying behavior and demographics.

Now, when you become a reseller; there are a range of benefits that you can avail effortlessly. As a reseller; you can find out absolutely new products and suppliers that can add high value to your business and thereby improve your overall revenue. After becoming a reseller, you can easily find affiliate ideas and inspiring methods that can add increased and greater form of revenue from your website.

As a reseller, you can find great franchise opportunities and stay updated with the latest industry news and updates. Simply put, as a reseller, you can get increased benefit from the industry and always stay updated with the newest happenings.

As a reseller, you can better understand how the industry works. The more services you sell, better is your revenue. Now, when you choose a reseller, they become quick and easy way to expand on your business to new territories locally, nationally, internationally without the necessary expanse.

Strategic resellers with the potential to sell your products and services better can open the doors to new vertical markets, which would have required significant investment for you to reach.

Another awesome benefit of having your SMS reseller is that you are liberated from employing team of resources, managing their wages, developing their contracts etc. Although the resources work for you, you are not bothered about third work.

These are some of the core benefits associated with SMS reseller.

May 02 2018


How to Start a Business with Only Bulk SMS Service?

Here is top Differences which you should definitely know between bulk SMS API services and bulk SMS services. Click here to know more.

image description

The only way to start a business is to understand your potentiality, and then channelizing your marketing efforts to inspire audiences to come and visit your store - online and offline and purchase a product or service from specifically and specially you. There are a number of ways to rediscover your SMS marketing service to enable your business grow.

The number one thing you need to channelize your marketing with bulk SMS is to define your audiences.

Then, you need to narrow down the list of preferred set of audiences and accordingly compose your marketing according to their preferences

Once the definition of your audiences is set, you should then pinpoint the strength of your business. Then, send them marketing messages in such a way and with so useful content that they read the messages.

So, to use bulk SMS as your marketing campaign, you need to understand your target audiences, and then compose messages that interest. Once they read the messages; you should then encourage the audiences visit your website and purchase a product or avail a service. So, using bulk SMS turn useful in a number of way.

April 24 2018


Fascinating Bulk SMS Marketing Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grows

Bulk SMS Marketing comes with a number of strategic benefits. Follow these Bulk SMS Marketing Tactics that can help you to improve your business

Bulk SMS Marketing comes with a number of strategic benefits that can help a business grow. It is opt-in, engaging, fast, inexpensive, and interactive. Because of having the unique set of improved benefits; it is believed to be a fastest growing form of marketing that is helping businesses target specialized set of improved audiences on time; and without having to interfere with their existing work. The bulk SMS marketing is gaining wide spread attention because of its inherent benefits.

Please find below some of the most important ways you can improve your business using bulk SMS technique.

  • Design a precisely clustered and pinpointed customer profiles and groups
  • Please inspire your audiences to visit your website
  • Design and develop a flexible image
  • When it comes to designing a precisely clustered and pinpointed customer profiles and groups, you need to be defined about your target audience and then understand how their emotion works.

    Other than these, you can even inspire your audiences and make them connected with your branding by using the following techniques -

  • Offer incentives
  • Please use content for your campaign holistically
  • Clearly ensure to define your terms
  • Please reward your audiences by offering discounted products
  • Ask people to speak about your product and spread the word of mouth
  • So, when it comes to choosing a specific branding technique and useful marketing channel; it pays for a brand to leverage on the holistic set of futuristic SMS marketing technique and today with the help of AI, intelligence marketing and other technique, marketing channels are being rediscovered to better connect and collaborate with their target audiences. So, when it comes to using SMS marketing campaign; you need to be defined and pinpointed.


    Find the Cutting Edge Telecommunications Trends for 2018

    Here is top Differences which you should definitely know between bulk SMS API services and bulk SMS services. Click here to know more.

    image description

    The telecommunication industry is phasing through some decisive changes. Around the world, disruption and strategic developments are making industry players to adapt with changing business dynamics and channelize their operations in order to pinpoint the strategic requirements defined by customers on time; without breaking the barriers of conventional ethics and business best practices. Please find below the top of the mark telecommunication trends that are expected to shape 2018 or since the year has already begun, perhaps started to shape the year already!

    High Speed

    The need for improved speed has become a very important priority for businesses around the world. With latest technologies and tools, the businesses in the industry are upgrading their IT infrastructure. And rapid demands of consumers and changing business preferences are pushing service providers to constantly be at the help of innovation - and on the top of their priority is of course upgrading the speed benchmark.

    Complexity vs. Simplicity

    This is the age of communication and holistic communication collaboration. Companies despite launching new age products are struggling hard to sometimes educate then sometimes marketing their products to the proper set of audiences. The need therefore is to simplify the products and innovate in the space of communication. The reduced ambiguity and complexity remains in the products and services; better exists the clarity and hence the service.

    Dealing With the Big Data

    Data is the new rage. Around the world, if one thing that is redefining businesses and changing the concept of business we used to see traditionally, it is data. The availability of unending data that matters are changing matters of the industry altogether. VOIP, OTT communications and other forms of communication technologies are being seamlessly integrated with data and this is developing scope for new experimentations with more data. The result is a pool of unending data that if used holistically and through proper channels can yield profitable enterprise wide outcomes for businesses.

    Other than these, the 5G, IOT, machine learning, NFV - are all the hot trends that are redefining the entire scope and nature of telecommunication industry.

    April 21 2018


    Difference you should know between Bulk SMS API Services and Bulk SMS Services

    Here is top Differences which you should definitely know between bulk SMS API services and bulk SMS services. Click here to know more.

    image description

    Bulk SMS services let the user send SMS to bulk senders which they can upload manually on the system to target audience. Being one of the most popular platforms of promotion, these services are now used by many enterprises and SMEs. Giving the convenience of sending message to lakh of people at same time, it has become the most preferred way of sending SMS. So, you can reach to your target customers at your convenient timing.

    The bulk SMS API services actually let the corporate to connect with the global SMS networks without getting into the deal of telecom contracts and other complex messaging protocols. Under this, API (i.e. application programming interface) actually let the functions of one computer programs available to another computer program by using a standard protocol which is known to the programmer of both the programs. It is one of the simplest and most efficient methods that do not require any complex messaging protocol, any telecom contract or routing services.

    Where on one end, bulk SMS service let the service user send SMS directly from the SMS platform, on the other end the bulk SMS API services is actually a programming interface which integrates a website or an application to send SMSs directly from their respective platform.

    The advantage of SMS API over the simple bulk SMS service is that it let the whole procedure become automated making it convenient for you to work with this service.

    Apart from this, some of the common advantages of both these services are:

    image description

  • It let you deliver you message at a time to lakhs of people.
  • It is one of the cheapest way of reaching out to your potential and existing customers
  • It can be delivered instantly with just one click
  • It is the most reliable and redundant way of communicating with your target customers.
  • It let you work on user friendly control panel
  • It gives you connectivity to multiple gateways
  • It is the hassle free way which requires minimal human interference .
  • April 18 2018


    3 Efficient and Effective Ways to Provide a Great Mobile Messaging Service

    image description

    Most businesses operate solely online - thanks to their informed access to web-based properties; including website and email and accessibility to the hand-held devices such as mobile. Today, communication is redefining how we thought communication was. Today, connecting at the speed of thought instantly is the new norm, and staying alert on the go is the new way of living a fast-paced life. Mobile messaging is becoming the most useful way to connect and collaborate with a good number of audiences for businesses and for general users to connect with people who matter. Mobile messaging is the trend of this evolving time

    Businesses can effectively use mobile messaging to connect with their audiences. When they migrate to the new messaging system, they already stand a chance to get benefitted from the vast usability stats. Most number of audiences they want to narrow own is available on a mobile device and thus making them part of the growing eco system of content consumption through mobile devices seem the most useful.

    Please find below three effective ways to use mobile messaging service to connect and collaborate with your audiences. Read!

  • Be Brief and Focused
  • image description

    Laser focused and succinct minus any fluffs is the rule of thumb. The most practical way to reach standalone set of audiences and influence them take an action is to be brief and focused.

  • Offer something of immediate value
  • image description

    Make sure the audiences find something of value in your content. This makes them click on your message. Reward them, and provide them with meaningful ways to connect with your brand.

  • Be Consistent
  • image description

    Be consistent necessarily means defining on your goals and making sure to value your audiences with useful content consistently. More consistent content is read .

    April 16 2018


    Ways of using Bulk SMS Service for Event Promotion

    image description

    Event promotion is challenging, and it requires a lot of well-planned strategy and pinpointed analytics to organize an event. One of the very good ways to holistically promote event promotion is to work around the key concepts of bulk SMS and using the SMS strategy to factually and holistically promote the promotional activity.

    Please find below some of the important and simple ways to use bulk SMS for event promotion

    Bulk SMS can be effective for a number of standalone reasons. It can be used across industries for targeting standalone group of audiences based on their specialized likes. There are no spam filters necessarily on the mobile so it is very likely that they get to read what you send, bulk SMS has better open rate, and they lead to less competition. Simply put, bulk SMS is believed to be one of the most effective forms of communication and it can be holistically used for event promotion.

  • You can use bulk SMS to promote an event in a number of ways
  • You can profile your audience and then send them advance text messages about the event
  • You can reward their attendance with loyalty bonus and cards; which they can use for any forthcoming event.
  • You can eventually use the bulk SMS to let your attendees know of the event in the form of alert
  • Bulk SMS can actively work as a core way for you to improve your branding in the event. In order to use bulk SMS in the most useful manner, you should always trust the service of a professional company. A professional bulk SMS marketing and consulting company should offer you exactly which profile of services you require.

    The entire process of sending bulk SMS is simple and it requires well-planned research to narrow down on the proper list of customers who you need to reach out to in order to send the bulk text messages. That's where you require the solutions of a professional service provider.

    The market is populated with a number of bulk SMS service providers whom you can turn to in order to avail bulk SMS solutions. Please ensure that the company you choose is professionally approved, and is registered and has a good number of positive reviews from customers.

    Bulk SMS can be effectively used for promoting an event but for that as we said you need the help of a good survive provider.

    March 21 2018

    A2P SMS system use for notifications, alerts, and marketing messages and strategies and many more. Here we mentioned a benefits of using BroadNet's Exclusive A2P SMS System

    February 22 2018

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    BROADNET "Your Reliable SMS Provider"

    Broadnet is an international leading Business Messaging Solution Provider - https://goo.gl/yvoHzN

    To know more about BroadNet Technologies - visit : https://www.broadnet.me/

    * LIKE Broadnet Page on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BroadNetTechnologies/

    * Follow Broadnet Page on Twitter - https://twitter.com/broad_net

    * Follow Broadnet circle on Google+  - https://plus.google.com/b/116874947954328337747/+BroadNetTechnologiesLLCDubai

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    January 16 2018

    Inbound SMS Service now gaining more popularity because they improve the visibility of brand. Here are Benefits of Inbound SMS Service

    January 11 2018


    January 09 2018

    If you are investing in SMS Service then follow these tips to know SMS Service is Generating Business or Not  via Broadnet Technologies

    January 02 2018

    Our bulk SMS service are guaranteed to offer a tremendous publicity and other benefits to your business

    December 30 2017

    Here are Quick and Easy steps to send text message from email. To learn more about how to send text message from email, you can click on the website of BroadNet

    December 27 2017

    Boost your happy holiday sales via these SMS Marketing Tips. Read it now for full information

    December 22 2017

    Christmas is knocking the doors,Tis the Christmas by these helpful SMS Marketing tips

    December 19 2017

    Here are some of the most useful benefits of using SMS API listed. Read it before using any SMS API
    Here are some of the most useful benefits of using SMS API listed. Read it before using any SMS API
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