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June 23 2017


Top 5 Reasons Why SMS is Better than Push Notifications

Both SMS and push notifications are the greatest forms of audience-centric, performance-driven and strategically pinpointed when it comes to marketing something. Push notifications are relatively younger than their communication counterpart SMS, but are evolving rapidly to become a successful and highly popular means of reaching out to target audience in real-time to convey a meaningful message and ensure a greater marketing reach.

Top advantages push notifications enjoy over SMS are as follows:

  • It has a better one-click subscription
  • It has a higher click through rate
  • Better Cross-platform delivery
  • Quicker message composition
  • Great audience engagement etc, among others.

But when we compare Push Notifications to SMS, there are a few things where the latter scores relatively better than the former; and thus question the super ability of push notifications as the number of marketing channel. In fact, it steals the credit and proves itself the deserving one. This article briefly points out the top reasons why SMS is better than push notifications.

Top 5 reasons why sms is better than push notifications

Points in Favour of SMS against Push Notifications:

East to set up -

It requires a little effort and investment to set up SMS system; whereas when it comes to setting up push notification, the entire process is detailed and requires expert technical understanding.

Affordable to begin, manage and maintain -

SMS setup is affordable against the costly set up and maintenance of push notifications.

Greater audience engagement in real life -

When it comes to audience engagement and targeting geo specific and pinpointed segments of core audiences, push notifications does not deliver core result. It is because it needs to have permission to get installed on Smart-phones whereas SMS can be sent to anyone on any mobile device.

Device independent ability -

SMS can be sent to literally any mobile device - a Tablet, a Keypad mobile phone, or a Smartphone whereas for push notifications, first a mobile device needs to be a Smartphone with internet connectivity. Then, it should get permission to get installed.

Reach more people -

Evidently; when you reach out to more people’s phone, you make the most of greater social engagement, connect, collaborate and get ideas to communicate with them in real-time.

Personalized messages -

When it comes to SMS, you can freely apply personalized messages in order to smartly. It can spark the interest of target audience. However, in push notifications, you have to be defined and cannot necessarily change the name of the sender.

These are some of the most decisive factors that make SMS perhaps better than push notifications or any other forms of communication.

By the way, if you are looking for one of the best SMS providers in the industry, look no further than www.Broadnet.me

June 22 2017


How to use SMS Marketing from BroadNet to Promote Live Events and Conferences

It would be a little overwhelming to imagine the popularity and viewership SMS enjoys over its counterparts in this technologically evolved world. Today, a business can leverage a number of decisive platforms to connect, collaborate and Communicate with its target audience in real time

Despite the availability of so many obvious and, in some cases, highly advanced platforms, most businesses are still using SMS as their core marketing channel for a number of obvious benefits

Easy to set up

  • Compared to every other form of communication platforms, SMS is extremely easy to set up.
  • Affordable to start, manage and maintain.
  • SMS marketing is affordable, easy to manage and simplify.

Greater audience engagement

When it comes to getting higher audience engagement; perhaps no other platform can Enhance Audience Engagement like SMS does with the help of short and simple messaging service.

Device independent ability

SMS can be sent to literally any mobile device; thereby making the process of sending the communication advertisements easy across a variety of mobile devices.

Apart from the features mentioned; SMS marketing by BroadNet is helpful since it helps deliver distinct, personalized and simplified messages when other forms of marketing communication are very much dependent on a simplistic set of messaging that is not always personalized.

How to use the full potential of SMS to promote live events and concerts?

Now, talking about the topic of our today's discussion; when it comes to promoting live events and concerts; BroadNet’s SMS Services can be used as a highly important tool.

  • It can be used as instant message supplier to targeted set of audience in real time.
  • It can be used to let target audience keep in touch with the progress and status of an event.
  • It engages audience, makes them happily connected and even rectifies a message if needed.
  • Using SMS, organizers can even get feedback about the planning of a conference and events.

Make sure the vendors and attendees are updated

Ask question and answer in a livelier fashion. For example, reaching out to a speaker during an event might not be easy for an audience; but using SMS that speaker easily be reached. Making great events successful very often depends on the usefulness of messages attendees receive through messaging platforms.

These are just a few of the core ways BroadNet’s SMS marketing can be strategically used to promote live events and conferences. To learn more about BroadNet’s SMS marketing in events; please visit our website www.broadnet.me

June 20 2017


How to Control Your SMS Campaigns with A Flexible API?

Flexible APIs have a lot of advantages when it comes to marketing campaigns and models, but in our opinion, nothing compares to the degree of marketing automation that they allow.

This automated marketing in the form of scheduled SMS messages, scheduled alerts and reminders not only save time and energy but also allow scalable performance to be achieved in a minimalistic way! Our in-house APIs allow you to launch a million SMS deliveries with just a single click.

Automated settings allow more features like SMS validity period that allow you to launch convertible deadline promotions for your customers.

Take control of your SMS campaigns with Broadnet Flexible APIs

Our existing customers use our flexible API for sending out campaigns that have been scheduled in advance. If you see our Sample API , you will find it is completely capable of being tweaked with different JSON requests.

You will have more control over your messaged. You can revise the delivery schedule at any time; check message status and update validity periods.

Message status updates can also be automated based on the predefined response. They can be used for pausing, resuming, or cancelling scheduled campaigns.

Another important application of flexible SMS APIs is automated validity periods. Many companies send deadline-bound promotions or offers to their customers. Even OTPs used in two-factor authentication are only valid for a few minutes.

Such messages are highly popular as they are time bound. This, in turn, makes them highly attractive and they convert easily.

SMS API is a popular option for companies and services to take Advantage of targeted SMS Marketing and reap the benefits. Over the years it has transformed into a widespread platform with a wide range of services.

With flexible APIs such as ours, you are not only in control of each of your campaigns; you get timely reporting and analytics that help you garner more refined strategies in the future.

Our experts at Broadnet create APIs that integrate with frameworks across the board and can easily be tweaked to launch various automated campaigns like scheduled SMS deliveries, limited time validity SMS and more.

Therefore, stop exploring your app possibilities elsewhere and partner with us for maximum outreach. With over 400 direct connections to network operators worldwide, we guarantee maximum outreach and best prices! Get in touch with us today!

June 19 2017


How to Use SMS Feature when developing Mobile Communications App?

Mobile app without SMS like tree without fruits! Give your mobile apps the opportunity to build a high-conversion list for repeat sales through SMS.

SMS is an excellent delivery method, as it doesn’t depend on Wi-Fi or Data Coverage. Using SMS marketing to let your existing customers know about your business app can help you boost your downloads and get people talking about your application.

Ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft use SMS to give pick up and arrival alerts. Food delivery apps notify their customers in real time when food is on the way.

At Broadnet, we specialize in creating SMS mobile app integration. Our APIs support both inbound and outbound SMS communication between apps and customers. You can send outbound messages and check when each of them was sent, delivered and get notified about delivery failures.

With SMS users can be authenticated and verified more securely. This creates an air of trust between your brand and the end user. After providing their phone number, they receive a confirmation code that they enter in the app. This authenticates the user.

There are numerous other applications including:

  • OTPs for financial transactions
  • Secure pins for login or other secure requests

The simplicity of SMS communication is reason for its exponential potential. SMS is read fast and reaches directly in a separate inbox on each phone. Therefore, you have guaranteed rate of delivery. This is something newer technologies like Push Notifications have yet to achieve.

Adding an SMS Framework to your APP

With Broadnet, you get our exclusive SMS messaging API. If you have an existing app, then it can be easily integrated. It works across app development frameworks. You need to have an SMS-enabled number to start using the service.

SMS communication can do wonders for your business.

Interested in getting started with SMS marketing? Contact us now for a free quote: info@broadnetme.com

June 16 2017


How to Maximize Conversions with SMS Verification Tool?

Businesses can Maximize Conversions With SMS Verification Tools , which allows them to get higher conversions. Usually, the word “bulk SMS” is used when businesses think of sending promotional SMS. An SMS verification infrastructure is the next step in the marketing ladder. Through verification, a business owner can verify users, create two-factor notification (2FA) processes for transaction verification, and more.

Usually, in the verification, a unique code is generated and sent to the user. Based on the nature of the marketing or branding campaign, the user enters the code into the system and receives benefits.

The SMS verification system is secure than a single factor system which is usually the computer used by the user. There are no drawbacks to this system because every mobile user has access to receiving text messages. If you want to run comprehensive marketing and verification campaign, use the Broadnet bulk SMS and SMS Verification Services

SMS verification services

With this, you can register users to the database and verify transactions, phone number, and generate one-time Pin (OTP). All this happens through seamless API integration. Running global campaigns become easy as you do not need to connect with the network carriers separately. All the services are SMS Verification API compliant.

The fee for SMS verification service is based on ‘pay per SMS received’ plan and not on the number of delivery attempts. A marketer pays for results, which makes the proposition risk free. There are no minimum monthly commitments. You can explore with a free test account and create an SMS verification pipeline. All the SMS verification results can be tracked minutely from the Dashboard. You get real-time analysis. When the message fails to deliver, there will be automated retry modules.

Businesses looking to create strong outreach and conversion pipelines should definitely opt for the SMS verification services.

June 12 2017

Are you looking for the most cost-effective HLR lookup service? Try our brilliant HLR Lookup Service; it facilitates users to ensure the status of any mobile device & region

June 06 2017

BroadNet Offers First-class App Store Monetization Service

Being at the vanguard of the entertainment technology, BroadNet has a vast expertise and experience to help you render with groundbreaking, multi-platform promotion tactics that are sure to turn out maximum revenue
How Bulk SMS Helps Startups to Grow Big?

Bulk SMS is the best marketing platform for startups, through which a startup can send relevant messages to a particular audience. Click here to know the importance of BULK SMS

May 23 2017


How To Avoid Expensive International SMS Delivery Charges?

With modern telecom and Internet technology, it has become quite easy for every business to have a global outreach. You can have an apparel business in New Delhi, India and ship across the globe to Chicago, USA. However, for international business, you need to advertise and promote internationally.

This means increased expenses for International SMS, emails and what not. However, expensive international delivery charges can easily be avoided!

You can also use SMS and international promotional frameworks to build your business on a global scale. Businesses across sectors are doing it. However, you should have a clear goal and budget in mind before you proceed with any such campaign.

The first requirement for sending out International SMS is a service provider that doesn’t mooch off you!


Here are some factors to keep in mind

- 100% Delivery should be guaranteed as you don’t want to lose money on international delivery failures!

- You should be directly connected with operators so that you never fall under spam

- Have both SMPP and HTTP connecting accounts

- Give you competitive prices over which you can scale your campaigns

While most providers give you all the basic features, pricing is a key factor.

International SMS delivery chargers can be quite high with numerous top service providers. However, with us, that’s not the case.

Not only do we have the lowest rates but also our delivery speed is a staggering 200 SMS per second. Our prices start with .002 per euro per SMS.

broadnet_SMS delivery charges

Click Here to know more!

Not only do you save on International SMS delivery charges but you also get access to advanced technology and enhanced performance. We include white label reseller solutions to keep your business ticking.

With our online dashboard, you can send 1 Million messages with a single click. Our SMS Gateways integrate with any software, application or database. You can track user activity, delivery reports and more.


Other Features Include:

- Alerting systems for credits, SMS usage and reports
- SMS campaign scheduling
- Message customization
- 24/7 support
 Support all Type of SMS Messages 
 Customized Sender Field
 Reseller web Interface.
 200 SMS/s speed by default
 No Setup fees
 No expiry date

With BroadNet , you get over ten years of experience in leading SMS services and mobile solutions with high-quality operators across the globe. We connect directly with over 400 operators and carriers to ensure high quality and guaranteed SMS delivery.

Stop paying exorbitant rates for International SMS Delivery. Contact us today and start sending your campaign at .002 Euros per SMS!

May 20 2017


What is OTP SMS and How It Works?

One-Time Password (OTP) is a technological mechanism through which a single-use password is generated and sent to the registered mobile number for the user to access the website. It is also known as two-factor authentication. Products like Google for Work, Paytm, and internet banking portals often use the OTP mechanism to ensure the authenticity of the user and prevent identity thefts.

Online identity theft is a severe problem. Statistics from Identity Theft journal reveal that every year around 15 million people in the United States become a victim of identity theft and face a collective loss of $50 billion. Around 100 million Americans become vulnerable due to data thefts from the government or corporate databases.

Adopting the use of sending OTP to verified users to access a specific site improves security, who otherwise could be vulnerable to phishing and keyboard logging activities. OTP lends an additional layer of security to protect the digital identity of the end users.

Steps in the OTP Process

Let us understand this in layman terms. There are as many mobile handsets in the world as the number of human inhabitants. In mobiles, SMS is a core functionality, and a mobile device is assumedly always with the owner.

When users create a digital asset or an account, they are prompted to enable the two-factor authentication system, apart from the usual username and password. Next time when the user tries to login, the system sends the temporary password (either four or six digits) to the registered mobile handset, and the user punches the code into the system. The code is a random series of numeric and alphanumeric characters. These OTP’s are usually valid for a certain number of minutes. The information flow works like this:

-User enters the username and password

-Request sent to backend

-Username and password matched

-User receives OPT via SMS

-User enters OPT and login to the site

broadnet_OTP sms

…that’s it!

Let us go a step ahead and understand the two processes that happen before the OTP is authenticated. These are Generation and Delivery. In the Generation process, the OTP is created either based on time or through a mathematical function. In the time-based generation, the device is in sync with the authentication server to create a time-based OTP.

In the second one, a mathematical function is invoked to generate the OTP. In the Delivery process, SMS is the commonest of ways due to the extensive adoption of mobile phones. If the OTP fails to deliver, the user immediately has the option to receive the code through the auto-generated IVR call.

Implementation of OTP SMS is the best way to protect enterprise data.

Features of OTP

There are three characteristics of OTP, which makes it a viable option for global leaders and tech giants to implement and ensure data safety. These features are secured access, simple infrastructure, and swift delivery. The whole cycle of OTP begins and ends in a couple of seconds. Via OTP SMS, the users receive four or six digit codes. Apart from the SMS system, users also receive the OTP through IVR, or it can be generated by the consumer and delivered via SMS.

The OTP is the prime way of authenticating bank transactions. Whether a user is logging in to access the account or transferring money, an OTP is generated and verified to begin the next step. Banks like ICBC (China), OCBC (China), Commercial Bank of Dubai (UAE), ICICI (India), Standard Chartered and Citibank employ secure OTP SMS protocols. ICBC and OCBC have physical hardware to generate the code, Citibank has both OTP and PIN to perform a transaction, and ICICI uses a combination of OTP and security grid layer on the card of the accountholder to proceed.In countries like Australia, North America, and Europe, the OTP method is used via SMS or IVR to deliver the code.

Does OTP SMS have any Vulnerabilities?

Presently, it is an ultra-secure way because users have complete ownership of their mobile handsets. If users lose the handsets, no transaction can happen unless the SIM is reported and replaced by the telecom provider. BroadNet maintains a secure and safe infrastructure to protect client data from any privacy breaches. The bulk SMS service, and other telecommunication and IT services are protected by strong security protocols.


OTP SMS is a secure way to access and perform online transactions on any enterprise website from any industry.

May 19 2017


5 Ways To Be There For Your Customers - An A2P Text Messaging Guide

With targeted A2P Messaging , you can get directly involved with your customers and build nurturing business relationships that last long. It is simple to put into action, and a timely application can ensure long-term brand loyalty.

At Broadnet, we are consistently consulting our clients with better ways and strategies to string better results from A2P campaigns.

Here is a 5 step A2P text messaging guide for better results:

1. Realise the scope of opportunity

Approximately over 5 billion people use SMS messaging globally. 98% of texts are marked read by users compared to a paltry 20% open rate of emails. With SMS, you can reach 84% of humans whenever, and wherever.

2. Realising the importance and scope of direct dialogue

SMS provides you with a 24/7 channel to communicate with customers. This allows you to tap into their smallest of needs and solve them with business precision.

The applications are diverse. For instance, with an automated SMS system, unique verification codes can be sent each time your customer logs into an app. One channel can assure safety, efficiency and security!

SMS apis

3. Focus your approach

You have to assess customer needs and your capability to solve them carefully. You must keep a few things in mind like:

- Remember your core business goals

- Offer one thing at a time. Bulk offerings feel like spam and are unable to convert most of the time

- Get your team involved at early stages

- Launch and pilot scheme and work around trough tracking and analysis

1. Don’t get distracted

An authorization from your customer to receive messages means a gesture of trust. It shouldn’t be broken through practices like spam. It is your responsibility to focus on their best interest.

2. Pick the right Mobile A2P Platform

It is important for your SMS partner to realise the full scope of your business and provide the adequate services at the right price. At BroadNet , we take care to each detail including:

- Connectivity to Global Carriers

- Robust security and data integrity

- Regulatory Experience

- Strong APIs to integrate with existing IT infrastructure

- Complete end-to-end and remotely integrated solutions

A2P communication ensures one thing your customers want: regular and relevant communication from your end as a brand. With us, you get an integrated framework that allows you to build personal relationships at the click of a button!

May 18 2017


May 17 2017


Top 5 ways to use A2P SMS

Our experts are persistent about discovering new ways in which A2P messaging can help generate more business models and communication frameworks that yield better communication response. 

Broadnet A2P SMS allows you to establish familiarity, convenience and an exponential outreach on a global scale.

There are many ways you can use A2P SMS and interact with customers. Here are the top 5 channels, which, according to us, yield the maximum interaction.

1. Reminders and Confirmations

Essentially following the same delivery schematic, this is one of the features of A2P messaging that customers appreciate. SMS reminders eliminate the need to remember bookings and payments and help the customers stay on track. A confirmation text regarding a transaction, booking or anything else is always reassuring. 

2. Enhanced Parental Controls

Numerous schools and college level institutions have started using A2P SMS to maintain proper communication with parents regarding timetables, examinations, important updates, performance and institutional events. 

3. Healthcare Updates

It is perhaps one of the most important applications of A2P messaging. Forgetting an important medical appointment has now become obsolete. Reminders regarding the same can be automated. Important diagnostic results can be instantly conveyed and appropriate actions can instantlybe taken.

4. Service/Delivery Updates

Ecommerce and food delivery businesses aggressively use this feature to provide customers with real-time delivery updates, order notifications and more. This helps customers prepare in advance and stay on top of their orders.

5. Two Factor Authentication

Another very important application of A2P messaging is 2FA and is used widely by banking and social media services to ensure data security and customer privacy. It has become mandatory for all social media accounts and financial transactions. This prevents hackers from acts of cyber theft and privacy invasion and provides added security to your customers. More and more consumer properties such as personal email accounts or blogs are incorporating SMS-enabled Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to deliver One-time Passwords (OTP) for verification.

There are various other applications of A2P messaging. The platform is ever evolving, and therefore its prospects are ever increasing. As you read further, companies are using survey polls and question texts to gain valuable insights from customers through 2-way SMS. Apps such as Viber are introducing A2P SMS to enable businesses to deliver personalised messages to customers using their OTT messaging service.

Don’t miss out on the massive opportunities A2P has to offer. Get in touch with us today and know more about how it can help your business!

May 16 2017


The Role and Importance of APIs for Mobile Network Operators

Network operators today cannot fathom to run without APIs. Not only do Application Programming Interfaces enable these operators to capitalise on the existing frameworks, but they also facilitate third party business opportunities on a global scale. Therefore, as a marketing manager, one should try and grasp the entire role and the consequent importance these APIs play.

BroadNet APIs help telecom carriers distribute data to relevant third parties. This data is monetized, but its nature is asymmetric. This is because network operators don't provide business development to the end users.

You can differentiate the roles of APIs based on these three models:

Two-sided Model

It is one of the most commonly adopted business models by telecom carriers. Here the carrier charges subscribers for access. Revenues from traditional core services are augmented with derivative revenues from IT assets.

For example, there are many providers that give you billing assistance by charging a fee per transaction.

Developer Attraction Model

This model is built to attract individual developers by exposing APIs. They are presented with marketing opportunities and revenue routes for their creations. Examples of assistance include billing, SMS Marketing , etc.

Over time, this model has evolved from being a complex interface for the end user to a simple tool that is a must-have if you want to maximize your mobile outreach.

Mash Ups Model

This API model is unique. Here web developers combine Internet-based services with telecom functionality. What results is an exciting array of business opportunities like embedded voice, SMS to existing applications (push notification today!) and more.

The importance and acceptance of API models have increased exponentially in the past decade. Companies are exposing their assets as APIs and allowing mobile network operators to assist in reinventing them.

The result is a new array of innovative, social cloud apps that combine telecom automation and cloud services to deliver top CRM services.

Newer models mean newer revenue streams. An example of the same is a model where partners pay the carrier for access to SMS network. Then they sell that network capability to large brands and share the revenue.

Check out our example API to know more!

Broadnet APIs work seamlessly with Mobile Network Providers to deliver diverse frameworks across Windows,Android and iOS. Our quality driven approach exploits the models our APIs facilitate for our clients to the maximum!

May 13 2017


Top 5 Best Practice Tips for Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

Out of the several high-end and hard-hitting marketing techniques that have made a major impact in kicking a business upstairs is SMS marketing. This marketing technique is utilized by almost every industry to market their products on a massive scale. Businesses that have followed SMS Marketing have witnessed a massive growth in traffic increase and ROI. In fact, a variety of persuasive reasons suggests as if why mobile phone messaging is still a very influential channel. To support the growing popularity of mobile phone messaging, the point to consider importantly is that there are billions of mobile phone users from all over the world and with that said, more than 7 trillion SMS messages are sent on a yearly basis. Considering the fact, it is easy to understand the massive significance of mobile devices in our day-to-day life.

By the way, here is a handful of certain tips that can make your SMS messaging campaign a real smasher:

Facilitates SMS Communication

Just like the email subscription or shopping carts, you should offer trouble-free options to your customers to let them choose either they want to be contacted or not. Several companies are using a variety of short codes to meet this need. The better idea is to start using vanity short codes.

Choose a high time for sending SMS

SMS promotion works wonders for retail shops and if used properly by sending SMS on a high time during a day to maximize business sales. The factor of time plays a critical role since if you send SMS at the odd hours of the day or night then it will act as a catalyst to move your potential customers away from your business.

Create a value-added Message

Creating and sending a value-added message is something that virtually every veteran marketer does. It works very effectively for every mobile phone because users are very watchful about offering their mobile number. It is important to create messages scrupulously with some value incorporated into it. This way, you will always be appreciated by your target users.

Distinct Communication

A distinct message is a must for an SMS Marketing Campaign to make a real smasher since it is a commonplace that no one reads a lengthy message or messages. Creating a succinct message, you can easily send your business message to your target group. In order to do this, keep the communication clear from the beginning and fulfil your users’ expectations by sending a message on the right time and at the appropriate frequency. This tactic will wonderfully cut down the confusion and un-subscriptions to a great extent.

The Opportunity

SMS campaigns can be a great challenge to get right. While spam in email is something customers often overlook (thanks to spam folders), they are not the right thing, as used to it with SMS. That gives the impression that you want to find the right equilibrium between the content of your message and the time when you send it.

May 12 2017


How SMS API is instrumental in setting off SMS in server side?

Modernization is a cardinal element of today’s fast developing world where it is easy to witness great development in just every domain. And with that said, it is important for every businessperson to keep a tab on every up-to-date technology and tool and follow it. If you do not do so, it is very possible that you will be out of the competition sooner or later. That is why following the latest trend of a business is a must for every business organization so that they can stay connected to all their target users at all times, and keep them satisfied in terms of services. This leads to customer retention and more business prospects through a satisfied one. However, how it is possible for an organization to achieve the need with budgeting, inadequate staff, and garnering thorough results capably. At the crossroads, cutting-edge technology of the modern-day times comes in handy. One such available technology is SMS API

For a new user particularly, however, getting to the kernel of the mode can be quite complicated. That is why; even brief information in this regard will play a pivotal role. Just suppose you have a website application, which enables people to read daily horoscope or say minute-to-minute cricket score. The moot point is that how a person gets access to this information while he/she is traveling, and is not connected to the internet on his/her computer. At the crossroads, SMS API application turns up a neat tool. It serves as a world-class interface/gateway/server or a middleman in a non-professional’s language. A user will have to sign in as a user on your website and upgrade his/her mobile number on it, select the varied updates they are interested in receiving.

The aforesaid works competently in a reverse order too. At times, a user wants to dole out up-to-date news on a variety of social sites; they achieve the need by using their cell phones via SMS. Therefore, this SMS server serves as a link between the SMS and the social website. The application offers a regular integration of the SMS competencies of your organizations, standard website or a complicated messaging system. You can find a mass of service providers of this application on the market. Based on your preferences and needs, you can choose the one. It works like a magic where the use of phone calls, personal meetings or mails is void yet guaranteeing that your message is delivered to your target customers.

In addition to the benefits of sending Bulk SMS feature to a variety of users right away, there are varied benefits to its credit such as it works 24/7 unstoppably. Messages in a variety of forms can be delivered for example, Text, Picture, Flash, Binary or Unicode messages. The application is backed up by a variety of cellular, wireless carriers and landlines as well. It is also backed up by a diversity of programming languages. Leaving the technical headache to the app services provider and its services, one can just be in sync with the up-to-date affairs. Say as a commercial site, you want to enable your end users become aware of the status of the delivery of the item purchased, let them know it and make them feel exceptional and secured at one fell swoop.

May 11 2017

Let us explore the marketing potential of both bulk SMS and WhatsApp, and understand which of them offers a better ROI.

May 10 2017


How to Choose an SMS Service Provider?

A long-term and consistent SMS marketing strategy yields a positive impact for the company. Given the affordable cost of the SMS service providers and a huge market potential for any business niche, entrepreneurs often reap a higher ROI than other channels. However, much thought needs to be given for choosing SMS provider. In this article, we are going to share some tips to choose SMS provider.

5 Actionable Tips to Choose SMS Provider

Here they are:

#1 Cost of SMS Service

Multiple players exist in the market with varied pricing plans. Choosing between them will depend on the value, which is one of the major factors when we check out any new service. Here, the SMS service is usually of two kinds: credit based service and SMS-based service.

In the credit-based service, the buyer purchases a credit plan and based on the delivery country, creditsare deducted from the account. For instance, sending an SMS to Canada might cost 3 credits whereas an SMS to UAE might cost 1 credit. In the SMS based service, the buyer purchases a pre-defined amount of SMS messages, which again varies from the country of delivery. The cost of SMS to USA and UAE will differ. If you want to understand the different prices for SMS services, read the List Of Countries where BroadNet fulfills bulk SMS services. Broadnet offers a comprehensive bulk SMS service solution. It all boils down to the targeted countries and finding the best cost effective plan for delivering SMS to those countries.

#2 Hidden Costs

Buyers need to be aware of the hidden or additional costs. Sometimes an SMS Provider mentions the cheapest of the prices on the website just to interest a prospective buyer. But, when it reaches the checkout page, additional costs could reflect such as setup fees, multi-user access fees, or expensive SMS plans.

While it is not wrong to charge for these, they should be mentioned clearly on the pricing page, so the buyer is aware of the final cost incurred.

#3 Delivery Rate

An SMS service provider is not useful for business if most of the SMS fails to reach the recipient. Of course, a lot depends on the accuracy of the buyer’s database butat the SMS provider front; they should have astrong partnership with telecom networks to ensure the promotional or the transactional messages are delivered without any delay. Broadnet functions in over 140 countries and has partnership with over 400 network operators in all their listed countries. Due to this partnership, Broadnet can deliver bulk SMS services at amazing price.

Before choosing the SMS provider, talk to their sales representative and enquire about the delivery rates. They should show an active demo account. Ask for the detailed list of supported and unsupported countries.

Cheapest SMS cost does not necessarily mean good service. Ensure to check the network quality always.

#4 SMS Package Validity

Irrespective of whether the buyer opts for the basic package which usually has around 1000 SMS quota or the platinum/gold ones, it is necessary to ask about the package validity. Will the unused credits or SMS allowance be carried forward to the next month? If not, it would seem like a forced activity to finish all the quote in each month even when there is no such requirement.

Small business owners with limited budget and experience should always choose to test marketing platforms before committing a larger budget. Therefore, try to explore a flexible plan where the buyer has the pay-as-you-go option.

#5 SMS API Documentation

A well-documented API is necessary for the overall functioning of the system. As the business owner, being technologically challenged should not deter from hiring the best SMS service provider. Consult with a developer. Why? Checking out the API documentation will help to understand whether the SMS provider supports concatenated SMS messages; if it does, the code should have the proper parameters and commands.

A concatenated SMS is the process where a long SMS message is split into smaller parts as individual SMS and recombined on the handset of the recipient. Either ask the SMS provider directly or check out the API whether such a feature is possible or not.

Apart from these basic five tips, check out whether the service provider has other features and benefits such as tracking SMS campaign engagement, customized dashboard, short URL creation tools, automated SMS for inbound and more.

Testing the Features

Irrespective of whatever is advertised, it makes sense to sign up with an SMS service provider and test out their system before on boarding all the Bulk SMS Marketing activities.

May 09 2017


Bulk SMS v/s WhatsApp Messaging – Which One Provides Better ROI?

In the last decade, the growth off Over-the-Top (OTT) instant messaging apps like WhatsApp has been phenomenal. While WhatsApp is an important medium of communication these days, does it live up to marketing expectations? Small and big business owners frequently use bulk SMS services to reach out to their target market of users and effectively convert them via promotional messages. Can marketing experts use WhatsApp messaging system to perform similar reach out activities?

Let us explore the marketing potential of both Bulk SMS and WhatsApp, and try to understand which of them offers a better ROI.

Outreach Possibilities

Bulk SMS service providers like BroadNet offer all kinds of SMS packages catering to myriad needs of the marketers. The outreach possibility is unlimited because there is no cap tothe amount of messages a marketer can send to its target audience. However, with WhatsApp, the outreach possibility is limited to 256 recipients if the marketer sends a “broadcast”.

Further, since the recipient will not have the marketer’s contact number before receiving the message, it is likely that the message will not gain any traction. If the recipient still sees the message, it will most probably be marked as “spam” and deleted. It looks like a violation of the recipient’s privacy. This kind of attitude is rare with bulk SMS outreach.

Here, the marketer and the recipient is aware of the “cold” nature of the outreach; however, SMS has 93% open rate that leads to quite a several conversions. Bulk SMS is not usually referred to as a violation of privacy.

Internet Connection

The functioning of WhatsApp messages depends on an active Internet connection, which is not the case with SMS receivers. SMS receivers do not need to have an Internet connection. Given the fact that marketers need to reach a wide audience base, bulk SMS comes across as a better way because even a basic feature phone user has the SMS facility.

Any marketing outreach through bulk SMS service will receive a higher delivery rate than WhatsApp messages. Broadnet Delivers Bulk SMS Content to over 140 countries with an active partnership of 400 network operators. Broadnet gives marketers a platform to reach out to an audience in various countries.

Installation Medium

With bulk SMS services, marketers need not worry about reaching the end users because of each handset, anywhere in the world, comes pre-installed with the SMS service. The user need not install any software at all.

However, WhatsApp must be installed on the mobile device for using. This limits the marketing traction because the sender has no way to comprehend whether the receiver has WhatsApp activated on the device or not. The only way is to add the receiver in contacts one-by-one, refresh WhatsApp, and check whether the new contact has the messaging service or not. It is certainly a tedious process to undertake and an impractical one.

Therefore, opting for a Bulk SMS Marketing Services is sensible for any marketer because the limitations with WhatsApp messaging services do not apply to SMS service.


One can argue that marketing with WhatsApp is almost free because the only cost a marketer incurs is the cost of the Internet. Given the availability of cheap Internet plans, the cost is almost NIL. In comparison, bulk SMS would seem costly because marketers are charged per SMS sent basis or charged through a credit system, but if one considers all the above factors, SMS should truly be the preferred option.

If we must put the above information in a bite-sized context, we get:

SMS outreach is unlimited; WhatsApp outreach is limited.

SMS has higher CTR; WhatsApp marketing is perceived as an inrusion of privacy.

SMS does not require any software installation; WhatsApp does.

SMS delivery rate is higher than WhatsApp.

SMS marketing is legal; WhatsApp TOS prohibits business generation / marketing messages.


Due to the above factors, any analytical marketer will understand that bulk SMS marketing is a better option. Through it, one can conduct well written and well times SMS marketing campaigns. Bulk SMS marketing from Broadnet is reliable, low cost and widely accepted in myriad countries.

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